Giving to Arts

Giving to Arts

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Founded in 1912, the Faculty of Arts is one of HKU’s oldest and largest faculties and is consistently recognised as one of the best in Asia for the Arts and Humanities.  Arguably the heart and soul of HKU, it has produced some of Hong Kong’s notable graduates, from political leaders to business pioneers, to celebrated writers and film directors, world-class historians, linguists and musicians who have educated generations of Hong Kong youth.  The Faculty has continuously promoted critical reflection on what it means to live in Hong Kong, a city which is the fulcrum of East and West, and prepared generations of graduates to make leading contributions to Hong Kong’s cultural, business, and public sectors.

The Faculty seeks to enhance this legacy and lay a foundation for future success as never before.  We aim to consolidate our position as the strongest Arts faculty in the region by attracting a new generation of world-leading scholars and broadening experiential learning opportunities for students locally and globally.  We intend to massively enrich the research and teaching environment on campus, and provide students with more varied and more tailored experiential learning opportunities locally and overseas, on every major continent.  Only by doing this can we prepare students to meet the unknown and potentially hugely rewarding global challenges facing them upon graduation.

Every Gift Matters

Throughout the century, the establishment and development of the Faculty of Arts have been greatly supported by our philanthropic donors.  But there has never been a better time than now to preserve the remarkable legacy of the Faculty and ensure its strength into the future with gifts focused on people, programmes, and student support.  Gifts allow us to attract stronger scholars, in turn stronger students, build more exciting programmes, and offer unique learning experiences for students that give them a leading edge.  We want our students prepared to make significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong, the region, and the world at large.​

Donate Now!  

We believe that private support together with public support is the most effective way to advance our work in the Faculty of Arts.  Your gift will go towards the Faculty of Arts Development Fund to support teaching and learning, research, student development, community engagement and other academic initiatives of the Faculty.  Gifts of all sizes add up to make a big difference for us.

Join us NOW and help us better nurture our young generation, expand their opportunities, and give them a broad cultural foundation on which to build a successful and passionate life.

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