Teaching & Learning

Academic Advising

Faculty-based Academic Advising

Academic advising provided by the Faculty of Arts aims to help students to

  • take responsibility for their studies and make the most of their educational opportunities
  • set sound academic, career, and personal goals and develop strategies to achieve them
  • graduate in a timely manner while complying with relevant regulations and requirements
  • find ways to overcome difficulties, both academic and non-academic.

Advising in Person

The consultation of available information will in most cases be sufficient for you to know how to do what you want or have to do. But in situations where you have to decide what best to do, this will only be the first step and you will also need to know whom to talk to in order to discuss your options. The following are the most important personal contacts in the Faculty who are available to answer various needs for advice.

  • Faculty Academic Advisers and Teachers: Year 1 students are assigned an Faculty Academic Adviser after registering with HKU. Faculty Academic Advisers, who are teachers of the Arts Faculty, can advise you in the development of your academic interests and study goals and plans (questions about helpful study behaviour, choice and combination of majors and minors, selection and combination of courses, further studies). Teachers can also advise you on how to deal with difficulties that you encounter while studying a particular course. It is best to make an appointment by email.
  • Undergraduate Coordinators are teachers who oversee teaching and student matters in a subject you can study as a major or minor. Like all teachers, they can advise you on questions related to your academic interests and study goals and plans. In addition, they can advise you on the choices you have in fulfilling the requirements of a major or minor. And if you plan to go on exchange studies and transfer credits back to HKU, you should consult any of them of the relevant programme(s) about the courses you intend to take on exchange before you leave. See the list of Undergraduate Coordinators here.
  • School and Centre Office staff can advise you on questions relating to regulations and syllabuses, especially regarding the requirements of specific majors and minors and exemption from compulsory courses.
  • Faculty Office staff can advise you on all matters related to the BA Regulations and course selection, especially questions regarding leave of absence, study load, changes to enrolments, credit transfer and graduation requirements. The Faculty Office will also be able to advise you when your studies are affected by unexpected circumstances such as ill health. 
  • Committees for communication between teachers and students: The Faculty always treasures students’ feedback through communication. There are various Committees which regularly meet student representatives each year.
  • Student Academic Advisers can share with you their experience on how to adapt to the university life, select courses and major(s)/minor(s) smoothly, and utilize the resources offered by the Faculty or the University. 

University-based Academic Advising

The Academic Advising and Scholarships Office offers general academic advice to HKU students.

Career planning

"Careers and Placement" at CEDARS website

You are strongly encouraged to consult teachers in the various subjects on the orientations and options of majors and minors that interest you. You are also advised to check your HKU email account regularly to receive notifications or updates from the Faculty.