Current Students

Majors & Minors

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Teaching Unit and Programme


UG Coordinator(s)

School of Chinese

    Chinese History and Culture 

Dr. C.H. Hui

    Chinese Language and Literature

Dr. Y.K. Tse

    Chinese Studies1

Dr. C.H. Hui and Dr. Y.K. Tse


Mr. J.H.K. Poon

School of English

    English Studies

Dr. E.H.L. Ho

    Language and Communication

Dr. B.W. King

School of Humanities

    Comparative Literature

Dr. D.F. Vukovich

    Fine Arts

Dr. R.L. Hammers (Semester 1)

Dr. O.N. Mansour (Semester 2)

    Gender Studies


Dr. E.J. LaCouture

    General Linguistics

Dr. K. Yakpo



Dr. O. Sanchez-Sibony


Professor H.Y. Chan and Dr. J.K.B. Chan


Dr. J.Y.F. Lau

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

    African Studies

Dr. F. Tesfaye 

    American Studies

Dr. T. Gruenewald


Dr. M.S.E. Abbas

    China Studies (Arts Stream) 

Dr. L.E. Kim (Semester 1)

Dr. J. Li (Semester 2)

    European Studies

Dr. J.R. Fichter


Mr. S. Holtermann


Mr. P.H. Urbanski

    Global Creative Industries

Dr. M.W.L. Wong 


Please contact the School Office for enquiries.

    Hong Kong Studies

Professor S.Y.W. Chu


Dr. N. Camporese

 Japanese Studies

 Japanese Culture, Japanese Language

Dr. D.M. Trambaiolo (Semester 1)

Dr. T.U. Goddard (Semester 2)

    Korean Studies

Dr. P. Cha


Ms. D.M. Botelho Amaro de Almeida


Ms. R. Blasco Garcia


Mrs. I.K. Tolinsson Ting


Ms. K. Ratana-U-Bol

Centre of Buddhist Studies

    Buddhist Studies

Dr. G. Halkias

Centre for Applied English Studies 

    English language enhancement
    requirement courses


CAES1000: Dr. N.S.N. Fong (Semester 1)
                    Dr. P.M.T. Wong (Semester 2)

CAES92xx: Mr. C.D.C. Tait 


  1. Major/Minor in Chinese Studies is not applicable to students admitted in 2016-17 and thereafter.
  2. The Greek programme is temporarily suspended in 2018-19.

Structure of Majors and Minors