Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange


Promoting Knowledge Exchange and Outreach

The Faculty of Arts recognizes that higher education institutions have an important role to play in a modern knowledge society, contributing not only to social, economic and technological development, but also to the broadening of artistic and cultural perspectives. We believe in reaching out to the community we serve.

Important and ongoing KE initiatives include the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme, and the Cultural Leadership Youth Academy. The Faculty hosts the University Artists Scheme as an outreach initiative, the School of Chinese’s Writer-in-Residence Scheme, as well as the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities, flourishing in its sixth year, which has courses and events for visiting and exchange students, school students, and the public.

Teachers are encouraged to share their research with a wider audience and avail themselves of knowledge exchange funding opportunities offered by the University. The Faculty has had 33 KE Impact projects funded since 2012, and members of the Faculty have mentored 12 KE Student Projects.

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