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Run Run Shaw Tower
Run Run Shaw Tower

Run Run Shaw Tower and Heritage House
Run Run Shaw Heritage House &
Run Run Shaw Tower

Centennial Campus Courtyard

Our new home, the state-of-the-art Run Run Shaw Tower at the Centennial Campus, allows our Schools and the Centre to be housed, for the first time in many years, under the same roof. This further facilitates interdisciplinary research, enhances communication, and fosters a stronger sense of academic community. The Tower houses specially designed classrooms and innovative venues for performances and exhibitions; its stunning views across the harbour and light-filled spaces convey a sense of calm and harmony that inhabits the Main Building’s peaceful corridors and courtyards. This move would not have been possible without the generosity of Dr the Honourable Run Run Shaw and The Shaw Foundation.

Dr the Honourable Run Run Shaw
Master of Arts

Dr the Honourable Run Run Shaw (HonLLD 1980) was extraordinarily generous to The University of Hong Kong, and indeed to many other universities in Hong Kong and beyond; therefore, it is appropriate that one of The Shaw Foundation’s most splendid gifts to HKU was the building at the Centennial Campus that proudly bears his name, Run Run Shaw Tower. This beautiful state-of-the-art building opened in 2012 and houses the Faculty of Arts, and its smaller neighbour, Run Run Shaw Heritage House, is home to Hong Kong University Press and the Society of Fellows in the Humanities of the Faculty of Arts. These join Run Run Shaw Building and Runme Shaw Building on the Main campus as the built legacy of a great benefactor of the University.

In a long and highly creative career in the cultural sector, particularly in film and television, Dr Shaw was truly a master of the arts. His shrewd and imaginative leadership helped to create a stage on which Hong Kong’s creative and cultural talent was on display, and from which emerged a modern Hong Kong identity. Arts and culture are the face a community sees in the mirror, and also the face it turns to the world outside. More than anyone else, Dr Shaw showed Hong Kong to itself and to the world.

Run Run Shaw Scholarships

In 2014, in recognition of the generous support from The Shaw Foundation, the Faculty of Arts set up the Run Run Shaw Scholarships (邵逸夫獎學金).

"If you seek a monument, look around you."

Celebration of the Arts at HKU with The Shaw Foundation
May 22, 2017


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