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Professor David Pomfret

David M. Pomfret is Professor of History and Dean of Arts.  His research focuses on the history of childhood and youth, which he has explored in Europe and its empires through a comparative, trans-national lens.  He joined the University of Hong Kong in September 2001 and has extensive administrative experience, having previously served as an Associate Dean of Arts, Convenor of the Humanities Area of Inquiry of the Common Core Curriculum, Chair of the Department of History and Head of the School of Humanities.  David has also won recognition for his teaching, receiving Hong Kong’s highest award, the UGC Teaching Excellence Award, as well as HKU’s own Teaching Excellence Award.

Email: pomfretd@hku.hk


Professor Christopher Hutton
Associate Dean (Research)
Professor Hutton assists the Dean in setting the direction and policy for research at the Faculty, and in developing the Faculty’s research profile and agenda.  He also oversees research postgraduate programmes (MPhil, PhD and Joint-PhD) in the Faculty and chairs the Board of Examiners for Research Postgraduate Curricula.  His research focuses on political issues in language and linguistics.  In addition, Professor Hutton is pursuing various projects at the intersection of linguistics, law and intellectual history.

Email: chutton@hku.hk

Adam Jaworski

Dr. Rachel Sterken
Associate Dean (Postgraduate)
Dr. Sterken oversees taught postgraduate programmes (MA, MBC, MBuddhStud and MFA) in the Faculty.  She chairs the Higher Arts Degrees Committee and Boards of Examiners for Higher Degrees by Coursework.  Her research focuses on philosophy of language, social epistemology, philosophy of technology, and conceptual ethics.  Her ongoing research addresses the nature of generic representation, social essentialism, fake news, manipulation by AI, and conceptual change.

Email: rachel.sterken@gmail.com

Dr. Rachel Sterken

Dr. Song Gang
Associate Dean (Undergraduate)
Dr Song oversees BA admissions and undergraduate student matters.  He is the Faculty Academic Advising Coordinator, and chairs the Faculty Student and Staff Joint Consultative Committee.  Dr Song has broad interests in Chinese religions and the cultural exchanges between China and the West in history, while his research focuses on Christianity in late imperial China.

Email: songg@hku.hk
Song Gang

Prof. Chan Hing Yan
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Chan Hing-yan is currently James Chen and Yuen-Han Chan Professor in Music.  He assists the Dean in leading the undergraduate teaching and learning agenda at the Faculty.  As a composer, Professor Chan has an outstanding oeuvre, with five chamber operas to his credit; and has been conferred awards by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, as well as commended by the Secretary for Home Affairs.  At HKU, Professor Chan has been bestowed the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award and the Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award, in honour of his excellence in teaching and mentoring.

Email: tlychan@hku.hk  
Prof. Chan Hing Yan

 Faculty Office Staff

Ms. Francisca Kwok, Faculty Secretary
Ms. Irene Wong, Senior Assistant to the Dean
Ms. Yvonne Chan, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Harriet Chung, Executive Officer (Human Resources)
Ms. Phoebe Lee, Clerk
Mr. Benny Lam, Clerical Assistant
Ms. Tulip Lau, Office Assistant
Ms. Elinor Wong, Project Associate
The Arts Technology Lab
Mr. Gabriel Getzie, Digital Technology Director
Mr. Bert Liu, Software Engineer
Development and Communications
Ms. Agatha Fung, Director
Ms. Natalie Yip, Executive Officer
Ms. Cosette Lau, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Carmen Luk, Executive Officer
Ms. Lily Lam, Executive Assistant
Ms. Elaine Wong, Executive Assistant
Ms. Lillian Woo, Executive Assistant
Ms. April Chan, Executive Assistant
Ms. Jessie Yeung, Executive Assistant
Mr. Johnny Luk, Project Associate
Ms. Nicole Wong, Administrative Assistant
Mr. Kobe Chen, Executive Officer
Ms. Michelle Fan, Executive Assistant
Ms. Polly Lam, Executive Assistant
Ms. Jackie Lee, Executive Assistant
Ms. Judy Li, Executive Assistant
Student Global Experience & Undergraduate Admissions
Ms. Cathy Wong, Director
Mr. Justin Lam, Executive Officer
Ms. Wendy Leung, Executive Officer
Ms. Beatrice Leung, Executive Assistant
Ms. Grace Choy, Executive Assistant
Information Technology
Mr. Kit Lee, IT Manager
Mr. Newman Ng, IT Officer
Mr. Henry Poon, System Analyst
Ms. Eva Hung, System Analyst
Mr. Marco Ho, Assistant IT Officer
Mr. Tang Yu Hin, Assistant IT Officer

Arts Faculty Office


Faculty of Arts General Office, Room 4.05, 4/F
Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus
The University of Hong Kong

Tel: 3917 8977                      Fax:  2548 5231                             E-mail:  arts@hku.hk
Office Hour: Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 17:45
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