Knowledge Exchange

Interdisciplinary KE Projects


The Faculty has 3 new, one-off Interdisciplinary KE projects supported by the Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange Project Fund. The fund aims to facilitate interdisciplinary KE projects that have the potential to create social, economic, environmental or cultural impacts for industry, business or the community by buidling on interdisciplinary research in the University, with priority to be given to cross-Faculty collaboration. The duration of each interdisciplinary KE project will be within 2 years.

Keep Alive Beacons on the Sea - Decoding Historic Lighthouses in Hong Kong and Nearby Ports

©Chensong Chen

Co-Project Coordinators:

Dr. P. A. Cunich
Associate Professor, Department of History, 
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts

Dr. F. F. Ng
Associate Professor, Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture

Summary Description:
This project aims to envisage historic lighthouses as an instrument to decoding the contemporary history of Hong Kong as a strategic port; a window to understand its port infrastructure, maritime technology and lighthouse keepers' life and culture; an emerging terrain for city branding and cultural heritage tourism; and a unifying force for evoking collective memory and enhancing community identity.

Lighthouse-themed knowledge gained from years of interdisciplinary and cross-territorial research will be disseminated to secondary school teachers and students, university undergraduates, lighthouse lovers, public policy makers and practitioners in tourism, and visitors for cultural heritage tours, via a tailored Digital Media Package (DMP) for Liberal Studies, public lectures, KE seminars, study tours and an Online Lighthouse Museum (OLM).

Sounding Architecture

sounding architecture

Co-Project Coordinators: 

Dr. Jose Vicente Neglia
Assistant Professor, Department of Music, 
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts

Thomas Tsang
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, 
Faculty of Architecture

HKU Team Member:
Dr. Deborah Waugh
Teaching Associate, Department of Music,
School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts

Summary Description:
Sound and Space. Architecture and Music. Building as Instrument. This project aims to exchange knowledge between the Department of Architecture and the Department of Music in the design and production of new musical instruments as inspired by the theory and practice of architectural furniture; and to offer the public a different experience of musical performance and utilization of objects.

Working together across Arts, Medicine and Education: Enhancing genetic literacy in genetic counselling consultations

genetic literacy

Co-Project Coordinators:

Dr. Olga Zayts 
Assistant Professor, School of English,
Faculty of Arts

Dr. Chung Hon-yin, Brian
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Summary Description:
This project aims at investigating genetic literacy (existing vs. expected levels) among patients/ clients who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of a genetic disorder and who are making a decision about accepting/ declining genetic testing in genetic counselling consultations; the findings about genetic literacy will be consolidated in a web-based information and education resource for patients/ clients. The project also aims at contributing to professional practice by identifying and disseminating strategies of effective communication of genetic information for facilitating patients/ clients' decision-making; this will be achieved through micro-level analyses of an extensive data corpus of real-life audio/video-recorded genetic counselling consultations and other resources across different genetic conditions at several clinical sites.