Current Students

Useful Forms

Special Requests

Students are required to submit a completed application form to the Faculty Office for the following special requests:

  • Course exemption (PDF)
  • Credit transfer for exchange studies


    Faculty's webpage on "credit transfer", including the Faculty Cap Policy on Credit Transfer to HKU Arts Major/ Minor (click here)


    Guidelines on Application for Credit Transfer for Exchange/Visiting Studies (PDF)
    Reference database: a summary of approved credit transfer records since 2019-20
                                           (sorted by institution or by programme)


    Application form for credit transfer for exchange studies (MS Word)

  • Faculty Global Exploration Fund (UG) (FGEF) (link

Documents from the Registry

Students can apply the following documents from the Academic Support and Examinations Section of the Registry

  • Transcript (current students can also submit an application via HKU Portal)
  • Testimonial
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Arrangement on the Collection of Graduation Certificate