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The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies programme trains future leaders in innovative thinking, problem-solving skills and an interdisciplinary mindset. It offers a course of study that capitalises on the intellectual strengths of the humanities, nurturing students to use high-level creative, analytic, and communication skills to contribute significantly to the world of technology, and to apply technologies in new ways to the questions of the humanities.

The structure of the BA(HDT) is geared to the knowledge and needs of humanities students. An Arts degree at HKU offers students the critical and analytical thinking and creative skills of a wide range humanities disciplines, but tackling the world’s problems — and finding a place in a competitive jobs market — increasingly requires expertise in the digital arena. The BA(HDT) equips humanities students with advanced training in a range of digital technologies and programming skills, providing them with the ability to tackle the world’s multi-faceted social, cultural, economic and environmental problems in new and exciting ways.

In this programme, students will be introduced to the technological skills needed to bring the disciplines of the Arts to life in a digital world. They will learn to apply their critical and creative interests to the world of technology; and they will develop technological approaches to their humanities discipline. Throughout the degree, students will combine digital technology and the humanities in a range of projects and real-world scenarios.

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