Knowledge Exchange



LinguisticMinorities.HK: Connecting with the Communities

Project Coordinator : Dr Lisa LIM 
School of English

This project aims to further develop the website LinguisticMinorities.HK – a one-stop resource on the linguistic situations of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong such as traditional minorities like Tanka and Weitou communities, Hakka, Hokkiens, and South Asians, and newer groups such as Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers and the African community – by including case studies, interviews, audio and video clips of the  minority community members, making an even more direct link with the communities concerned. The website was launched in July 2013.

Language in Healthcare (LiH)

Health care

Project Coordinator:  Dr Olga ZAYTS
School of English

This project’s main objective is to develop a one-stop web-based information resource about language and communication in healthcare and the impact they have on achieving successful healthcare outcomes. The two main groups of beneficiaries are: (a) pre-and post-qualification healthcare professionals and other specialists involved in the provision of holistic healthcare services (e.g. family psychologists; counselors, etc.); and (b) the general public, including clients with certain healthcare conditions and their families/carers.

The Transit of Venus


Project Coordinator: Dr Opher MANSOUR
School of Humanities, Fine Arts

The project will make use of the forthcoming exhibition of a Renaissance masterpiece, Botticelli’s Venus, at the University Museum and Art Gallery to develop a world-class museum education programme. Based around the exhibition, the programme of educational events and resources will make the Venus in particular, and Renaissance topics and themes in general, more accessible to the wider public, to teachers, and to secondary school pupils in Hong Kong.

Second Century Lecture Series

Second century lecture

Project Coordinator: Professor John CARROLL
School of Humanities, History

This project continues a series of free, public lectures by internationally renowned experts in the Arts and Humanities in conjunction with the Centenary celebrations. The inaugural lecture, held in association with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, was delivered by Professor Jonathan Spence on May 14, 2013 to a full house in Rayson Huang Theatre.

Catastrophe and Rebirth: A Visual and Interactive History of the 1923 Tokyo Earthquake

Project Coordinator: Professor Charles SCHENCKING
School of Humanities, History

This project will provide access to a wealth of visual materials and primary sources on Japan’s most deadly natural disaster. The target audience includes members of the public, the media, and students around the globe. It will provide important and vivid historical context to one of the core KE objectives of HKU: namely, “transferring knowledge and skills to help rebuild disaster stricken areas in the region.”