Knowledge Exchange



Second Century Lecture Series

Jonathan Spence

Project Coordinator : Professor Douglas KERR
School of English

This project aims to initiate a series of free, public lectures by internationally renowned experts in the Arts and Humanities in conjunction with the Centenary celebrations. Professor Jonathan Spence, Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University and one of the world’s leading sinologists, delivered the inaugural lecture, “Below the State: The Many Lives of Those Contesting Authority in Eighteenth Century China,” to a packed auditorium in Rayson Huang Theatre on May 14, 2013. The initial lecture was held in association with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

"Finding the simple folk living below the state" Convocation Letter


linguistic minority

Project Coordinator:  Dr Lisa LIM 
School of English

The project aims to create a one-stop go-to resource on the linguistic situations of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong – including traditional minorities like Tanka and Weitou communities, Hakka and Hokkiens, South Asians, domestic workers, etc – for local and international researchers and the public, by developing a website that collates existing and continuing resources and research, including, crucially, ongoing fieldwork research by HKU faculty and students. The website was launched in July 2013.

The Power of Intimacy: The Writers’ Guidebook to Hong Kong Neighborhoods

The Power of Intimacy

Project Coordinator: Dr Page RICHARDS
School of English

The project aims to develop the first local and collective writer’s guide to Hong Kong, as well as a new series in the Arts Building based on the book.  It builds upon the strengths of a new generation of writers at HKU and impact local members of the community, as they participate in bringing their neighborhoods to life, as well as tourists to the city.

Cultural Leadership Youth Workshop

Cultural Leadership Youth Workshop

Project Coordinator: Professor Daniel CHUA
School of Humanities

The Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme (ACLP) is the first cultural leadership programme in Asia, with distinctive features designed to address the issues facing the region at an international level. Following on from the success of the ACLP, this project aims to expand the programme to undergraduate students and bring young cultural leaders from different tertiary institutions together. The Cultural Leadership Youth Workshop was held on April 20 and 21, 2013. Twenty-eight students had the opportunity to interact with cultural experts from around the world and further establish their own cultural network for knowledge, support, collaboration, creativity and innovation.


Sharing Stories - Raising the Sense of Community in Rural Pat Heung, New Territories

community newspaper

Project Coordinator: Dr Mirana SZETO
School of Humanities, Comparative Literature

The project aims to raise the sense of community for the diverse communities in Pat Heung district by discovering and sharing stories on history, culture, development, agriculture and ecology, and rebuild a new Pat Heung community. The project will kick start by publishing a monthly community newspaper to be freely distributed in Pat Heung and also uploaded to a website. Six monthly community newspapers have been published so far. They are also available online: It is hoped that this project will eventually involve the publication of a series of books, and the setting up of a community museum called Pat Heung House of Stories.

Press report in in Mingpao

Migration Memory and Creative Digital Narratives

migration memory

Project Coordinator: Dr Esther YAU
School of Humanities, Comparative Literature

The project aims to create a creative web resource to collect and showcase Hong Kong’s diverse migration memory. Five interactive workshops on knowledge of cultural memory and the constructing of visual narratives with community service organizers, students, and members of immigrant families. Many of these stories are already shared on the project website:

Interview in the Faculty Newsletter

University Museum and Art Gallery Website


Project Coordinator: Dr Roslyn HAMMERS
School of Humanities, Fine Arts

This project aims to create a ground-breaking new museum website that will showcase HKU’s magnificent collection of Chinese art and antiquities, to provide an original and exciting learning platform through which broad and diverse publics can access and interact with original research taking place across disciplines within the University.


Contagions: Cultural Perspectives on Emerging Disease

Project Coordinator: Dr Robert PECKHAM 
Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, School of Humanities

Infectious diseases of animal origin (zoonoses), including SARS and Avian influenza, remain major threats to Hong Kong and the region. The Contagions KE project seeks to harness and translate innovative research and teaching within HKU on the cultural and social contexts of disease in order to disseminate knowledge and inform the public about the issues at stake in the mediatizing of infection through an interactive online platform.

Public Forum on Global Governance, Underground Economy and Its Impact on Food and Human Security in Greater China and East Asia

Global Governance

Project Coordinator: Dr Victor TEO
School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Department of Japanese Studies

The project aims to ameliorate and increase the Hong Kong public’s understanding and appreciation of Underground Economy, Global Governance and Food/Health Security Issues in East Asia through a series of public seminars. A public workshop was held on June 15, 2013, bringing together interested scholars, members of the public, stakeholders, NGOs, the media, and public officials from Hong Kong and East Asia.