第三講 Lecture 3

 Lecture Series   Professor Wang Fan-sen

Lecture 3

講座內容 About the Lecture


This lecture suggests that in the late Qing period, a new form of romanticism emerged, imbuing localities, places, and scenery with political meanings. This brought about a kind of non-negotiable strong political consciousness.

Moderator: Professor Pei-yin 

林姵吟教授,香港大學中文學院主任,現當代文學副教授。2012年開始在中文學院執教,此前曾在英國劍橋大學,新加坡國立大學,和倫敦大學任教。2020年秋季擔任荷蘭萊頓大學台灣講座訪問教授,2015/2016獲選哈佛大學燕京學社訪問學者。代表作為Colonial Taiwan: Negotiating Identities and Modernity through Literature (Brill, 2017)及《台灣文學中的性別與族裔:從日治到當代》(台大出版中心:2021),並編有專書五本,最新編著為Taiwanese Literature as World Literature (Bloomsbury, 2022)。

Professor Pei-yin Lin is currently Head of the School of Chinese at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), where she is also an associate professor in modern Chinese-language literature and culture. Prior to joining HKU in 2012, she has taught at the University of Cambridge, the National University of Singapore, and at SOAS, University of London. In 2020, she was named Chair of Taiwan Studies at Leiden, and in 2015/2016, she was a Harvard Yenching Visiting Scholar. She has authored two monographs, Colonial Taiwan: Negotiating Identities and Modernity through Literature (Brill, 2017) and Gender and Ethnicity in Taiwanese Literature: Japanese Colonial Era to Present Day (NTU Press, 2021). She has also co-edited five books, with Taiwanese Literature as World Literature (Bloomsbury, 2022) being the latest one.


26/4/2024 ( 五 FRI )  |  3:30 pm


4.36 Faculty Conference Room,
4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower,
Centennial Campus,The University of Hong Kong

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