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Lecture 1

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After the reign of Jiaqing and Daoguang, a couple of eminent Confucianist scholars gradually disagreed on the discussions of Yin 隱 (implicit) and Xian 顯 (explicit). The basis of knowledge pursuit also started to waver. Different interpretations already appeared for questions like ‘what is knowledge’, ‘what is Confucianism’, and ‘what is China’.

Moderator: Professor Xu Guoqi

Professor Xu Guoqi received Ph.D in history from Harvard University and is currently a professor of history at the University of Hong Kong. His most recent single authored books include China and the Great War (Cambridge University Press), Olympic Dreams (Harvard University Press), Strangers on the Western Front: Chinese Workers in the Great War (Harvard University Press), Asia and the Great War: A Shared History (Oxford University Press) and Chinese and Americans: A Shared History (Harvard University Press).

Professor Xu also publishes widely in Chinese. His current research includes The Idea of China? A Shared History (under contract for Harvard University Press); How Chinese Play: Traditional Chinese sports and idea of China (in Chinese); Sports and Modern Chinese Society (in English and under contract for Chinese University of Hong Kong Press); Becoming China: A Transnational and Shared History from 15th century to present (in English and under contract for Chinese University of Hong Kong Press).

徐國琦,安徽樅陽人。1999年獲哈佛大學歷史博士學位,現為香港大學歷史系 教授。主要研究領域為中美關係史、第一次世界大戰史、體育視野下的中國史和美國史、中 外共有和跨國的歷史、作為概念史的“中國”等。代表性英文著作有『中國與大戰』、『奧林 匹克之夢』、『中國人與美國人:從同舟共濟到競爭對決,一段被忽視的共有歷史』、『亞 洲與第一次世界大戰:一個共有的歷史』、『一戰中的華工』等,中文著作包括『難問西東 集』、『邊緣人偶記』、『為文明出征』等。


27/3/2024 ( 三 WED )  |  6:30 pm

Rayson Huang Theatre, 
The University of Hong Kong
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Language: Mandarin*

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