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Accommodation, Insurance and Student Visa

Accommodation, Insurance and Student Visa

Accommodation (only for undergraduate level programmes)

  • How can I apply for a place in a residential hall?

When you are applying for the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities programmes, please indicate your decision on whether you would like to apply for HKU accommodation via the online application system. Application details for HKU accommodation will be available after you have received an offer to the programmes. Accommodation assignment is based on the availability of HKU-administered residential halls and colleges, programme period and group size. Re-arrangement requests will not be entertained.

  • Can I apply to stay in a residential hall longer than my programme period?

Due to limited hall places, you are only allowed to apply for hall accommodation during the programme period. Normally for undergraduate/postgraduate students, check-in will be arranged 1 night prior to the commencement date of the programme for easier arrival arrangements. Check-out is normally arranged the noon after the last day of the programme, depending on the programme schedule. For example, if your programme period is July 13 – July 24, your check-in date will be July 12 PM and your check-out date will July 25 AM.

  • Do they provide bed sheets and blankets at the hall?

Bed sheets and blankets are provided at the halls. Towels will not be provided.

  • Is accommodation fee included in all programmes?

For campus based programmes, you can choose to opt out from accommodation arrangement. If you are coming from overseas and would like to apply for accommodation, please indicate your decision on whether you would like to apply for HKU accommodation via the online application system.

  • In Hong Kong, how much should I expect per meal?

On average, students should expect to pay HKD 30 for breakfast, HKD 50 for lunch and HKD 70 for dinner. You may refer to for more details.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Activities that are organised by HKU Summer Institute are all under insurance coverage.

In any case, you are strongly recommended to make your own insurance arrangements throughout the entire period of your studies in Hong Kong. Students will be responsible for their own medical and dental costs during the period of the programme.

If you have to travel outside Hong Kong, you should make sure that your existing insurance policy covers your destination. Otherwise, you are advised to buy additional travel insurance before your trip.

Please check with your insurance agent and ensure that the scheme covers travel / flight delays, theft of personal belongings and medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness abroad for the programme period.

Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance

The University has arranged a group personal accident policy to provide medical benefits only to its registered students for injury or sickness occurred during University business within or outside Hong Kong such as field trips or project work. You should note that the University would only provide standard travel insurance coverage, and would not insure any personal cash or property of students in any circumstances. If additional or special insurance cover is required, it is entirely up to the student concerned to make personal arrangement at your own expense.

For more information about insurance for incoming students, please visit CEDARS New Non-Local Students – Medical Care and Insurance.

Student Visa

All applicants without the right of abode/right to land in Hong Kong must apply for a student visa for the purpose of education from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD). All Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Short-term programmes (including Exchange programmes, Summer programmes and Visiting programmes) are inclusive.

If you do not have the right of abode in Hong Kong, regardless of the length of study, are required by law to obtain a student visa issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Students who use travel visa or travel endorsement to participate in any classes, tutorials and other academic-related activities will be regarded as illegal.

HKU could provide assistance in your application for the Student Visa at Hong Kong. You are advised to submit the visa application as soon as you receive a Notice of Admission from HKU.

Depending on student’s nationalitystudent’s visa application will go through two different application paths.

Applications from Mainland students (using Exit-entry Permit as travel document and enter Hong Kong from Mainland China)

Applications from international/Macao/Taiwan students (nationalities other than Chinese or, Chinese nationals with permanent residency in overseas entering Hong Kong from any other places other than Mainland China)

The processing of Entry for Study visa application will take 8-10 weeks upon receipt of a complete set of application documents. The actual processing time could be longer for individual cases, especially if your set of documents is incomplete. You are advised to apply for the visa as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission to study in HKU.

For Mainland Chinese applicants, you should reserve additional 2 weeks to apply for an Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) (港澳通行證) and the relevant exit endorsement (逗留D簽).

Please click here for more details about student visa application.

Declaration Letter for Late Visa Application

If you are unable to submit your student visa application before Apr 30, you are required to submit a Declaration Letter for Late Visa Application. By signing the Declaration Letter for Late Visa Application, you are responsible for any cancellation of your HKU Faculty of Arts Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities 2023 application and the programme fees paid are non-refundable due to the late submission of your visa application.


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