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finding future's way

Bee image

Soundscape Installation and Exhibition

by University Artists

Anne Hayes & Glenn Davidson

Period: November 10 - December 9, 2016
Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (Mon to Fri) (closed on university and public holidays)
Venue: Ground Floor Gallery, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

Despite their inestimable value to our planet, 21st century bees are finding life hard; they are in decline all over the world. Human impact in the form of pesticide use, loss of bee friendly habitats to development, and mass farming techniques is largely thought to be responsible. 

This soundscape installation and exhibition is both an homage to the honey bee and an exploration of the permeable nature of the boundaries between the towering skyscrapers and verdant parks of Hong Kong, between our world and the bees’ world. finding future’s way brings together art and science to create a ‘pathway’ through the transitory space of the Ground Floor Gallery; it invites you to experience the City Hive and to reflect on a future for us all.

Artstation: Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes
Anne Hayes and Glenn Davidson are co-directors of Artstation, a multi-disciplinary art and technology partnership formed in 1989 and based at Chapter Art Centre in Cardiff Wales. The practice is project based through residencies and placements. Artstation is known for international architectural paper installations, exhibitions, social interventions, films, interactive media projects, architectural design and collaboration, socially engaged practice and practice led research. Their work has been seen across the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and in many European countries.

The University Artists Scheme is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and is supported by Dr Alice Lam.