Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Meeting Point
Chi Wah Learning Commons, G/F 
February 13 – March 20, 2015

Meeting Point

“Meeting Point” is a paper installation project by University Artists Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes of Artstation. This architectural form and sculptural piece arches over the gates that stand at the main entrance to Chi Wah Learning Commons, and invites us to engage in an unusual dialogue with its surroundings.

The Artists employ the unconventional medium of recycled paper, which is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and is easily torn. To control the material and form complex designs, the artists use computer technology to mathematically measure and create the large-scale curves of the arc. Filled with air, this once flat and imperfect material rises up and its new form bears the infinite potential of imagination.

How do we interact with Anne and Glenn’s work? We walk round, go through, touch and look at it from all perspectives. There is no fixed point from which to stand and appreciate. It disrupts our normal journey up the stairs to the Learning Commons. In this creative dialogue, from being passive ‘viewers’ we become active ‘participants’ and this subjective experience makes us realize that we have reached our meeting point.

Words by HKU students involved in creating “Meeting Point”: Gladys, Kaisha, Michelle, Saehim, Sarah

The University Artists Scheme is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and is supported by Dr Alice Lam.

We are grateful to HKU Information Technology Services for their support of the project.

More information about the “Meeting Point” Installation (Best viewed in internet explorer)

"Meeting Point" Photos

Feedback from the students involved in the project

Video of the "Meeting Point" Installation