Knowledge Exchange



‘Ink Art and New Music’ Creative Exchange Project of Composing for Mixed Ensemble (Phase III)


Project Coordinator: Professor Hing-yan Chan
School of Humanities (Music)


This project aims to explore the aesthetic commonality and discovering the innovative potential of Ink Art and New Music, through meaningful knowledge, educational, cultural, and artistic exchanges. The leadership of this creative platform is provided by New York’s Bard Conservatory, Tianjin Juilliard School, South China Normal University, M+ Museum, HKU Music, and Cultural Management Office. The project’s lectures, conference, and preview performances were held in Phase I and II, and will culminate in a finale in Phase III, with the Asia premiere of new compositions inspired by ink art, composed by students and professors, performed by Hong Kong’s professional musicians.

Medical Terminology Web : Self-learning Rescourses for Healthcare Professionals


Project Coordinator: Dr. Natalie Fong
Centre for Applied English Studies


This project aims to develop a website of Medical Terminology with gamification web apps. The self-learning resources on the website aim to help interested healthcare and related professionals as well as high school and post-secondary learners understand, recognize, and use medical terms more effectively in preparation for their healthcare study or career. The website can also benefit the general public who want to equip themselves with basic knowledge of medical terms.