Current Students

Incoming Exchange & Visiting Students

The Faculty of Arts is welcoming a growing number of incoming exchange and visiting students, who study at HKU for a semester or an academic year. Incoming exchange and visiting students are classified as Year 0 students on the Student Information System. 

Your Contact Information

  1. Please enter your telephone number(s) and correspondence address in Hong Kong in your HKU Portal Account.
  2. You are advised to check your HKU email account regularly.

Online Course Selection

Course Selections:

Course Selection Periods: Please refer to Important Dates of 2022-23 for details.

Study Load: At least 6 credits per semester, while the normal study load for regular BA students is 30 credits per semester.

Course Distribution Requirement: At least 50% of the credits taken must be in Arts courses (i.e. courses offered by the following teaching units: School of Chinese, School of English, School of Humanities, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and Centre of Buddhist Studies).

Course Descriptions:

  1. BA syllabuses:
  2. Common Core courses: 

Special Course Selection Arrangements:

CHIN95xx Courses Offered to International Students

  1. First select the CHIN95xx course(s) on SIS;
  2. Submit a completed statement of current level of proficiency in the Chinese language in the first lesson; and
  3. If the courses require a pre-requisite/ prior knowledge in the Chinese language, students are required to take a placement test in the first lesson.

Common Core (CC) Courses

Subject to availability and approval, incoming exchange/visiting students may take up to 2 CC courses from a selective menu, each from a different Area of Inquiry.


If any special arrangement for an examination is needed, please write to the Examinations Office for approval in advance.

Health and Insurance

  • University Health Service (UHS) provides free primary health care to full‐time registered students for medical consultation.  Certain medications, preventive services and other items are charged at cost.  Dental service is also available at a notional charge.  There are many levels of medical benefits at UHS. Once you have completed your registration at the University and received your Student Card, the level of medical benefit for you will be known by then.
  • When specialist care and hospitalization are required, these services are provided at the public clinics and general wards of government hospitals. The charge for a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) holder is subsidized by the government. Non-local students without a HKID card are required to pay full fees for services and hospitalization in government hospitals and please refer to the medical benefits for incoming students from overseas for details.
  • No health insurance will be provided by the University. You are strongly advised to arrange, on your own cost, accident and sickness insurance for the duration of your studies in Hong Kong. The coverage should also include provisions for emergency evacuation/rescuer's expenses and repatriation. If you plan to travel around Asia, please purchase medical insurance that cover all the countries that you plan to visit. 
  • Registered students are entitled to HKU Group Travel Insurance for travelling overseas on activities which are officially arranged by the University.  

Orientation Activities

by the International Affairs Office (IAO)

  • IAO Orientation is scheduled on January 13, 2023 2:30 - 3:30pm. Please register by January 10, 2023.

by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS)



  • You need to apply for a HKID card if your length of stay in HK is more than 180 days. Please refer to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for the procedures.

Octopus Card

  • It is a store value smart card that is commonly used in HK for transportation, convenient shops or even university applications. Please collect an application form at the Faculty Office in September (for full year exchange only) to enjoy the discounts on transportation.

Other Useful Information

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