Research Postgraduate - Comparative Literature

Research Postgraduate - Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature

Major Research Areas
Visual cultures and film studies:
Critiques of space; feminist film theory; film language; new media and aesthetics; media and popular cultural studies; contemporary visual culture; Chinese language cinemas; cinemas of Asia and the diaspora; poetics and politics of documentaries.

Feminism and gender studies
Chinese feminism; queer theory; feminist cultural studies; gender and sexuality; women’s writing.

Postcolonial and global studies
Colonial, postcolonial and global studies; especially of greater China and Southeast Asia; postcolonial theory; orientalism; colonial discourse analysis; cultural identity and representation; cultures of cities; the Cold War and postcolonialism.

Literature and cultural theory
East-West literary/cultural relations; problems of aesthetics; reception studies; critical and post-structuralist theory; Marxism; literary and cultural theory; theories of representation; psychoanalysis; Chinese modernism.

Hong Kong and China Studies
Hong Kong cultural policy; Hong Kong, Taiwan, and P.R.C. cultural, film, and literary studies; urban Chinese cultures; cultural memory in Chinese cinemas; historiography of Maoist and post-Mao eras; Chinese revolutionary culture.

Presentation of seminars.

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor

Dr A.H.J. Magnan-Park
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