Faculty of Arts in the Media: HKU x Christie's Education

8 May 2019 (Wednesday)

The Standard

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Photo credit: HKU Faculty of Arts & Christie's Education

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Hong Kong is once again joining forces with Christie's Education to offer Contemporary Asian Art: An Insider’s View, from May 20 to 24 this year.

Led by renowned experts in the field, the five-day program is designed for those who wish to begin or deepen their engagement with the art world, whether through collecting or developing careers in the field.

Sara Mao, director at Christie’s Education Asia, explained, “We begin by introducing informed approaches to looking at art, and proceed to examine the mechanisms of the market and the power of mega-art events and institutions to shift cultural landscapes.”

Yeewan Koon, associate professor at the university’s department of Fine Arts added, “A common question often asked is: What is good art? Although there are no clear answers, there are steps for those who want to learn how to look at art in an informed manner. We provide fundamental learning tools including how to look, describe and write about artworks, and the different cultural contexts that have shaped art practices in the region.”

Designed to be practical and interactive, the program has a substantial portion of its educational activities held outside the classroom. Through visiting different art spaces, examining original works of art, and having conversations with industry insiders, this program provides a broad spectrum of views into the world of contemporary Asian art.

Christie’s Education offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities to introduce the fundamentals of art, collecting and art business, while the Department of Fine Arts at HKU offers comprehensive art history training, teaching Asian and Western art as equally valued traditions up to doctoral level.

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