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Recruitment of Student Academic Advisers 2021-22

Recruitment of Student Academic Advisers 2021-22

Application deadline: March 21, 2021

Since 2018-19, the Faculty has been appointing Student Academic Advisers as an advising source for Arts UG students to consult. 

How does chatting with Student Academic Adviers be different than chatting with ordinary students? 

Current Year 1 - 3 students who are willing to help others deal with study problems can apply for being Student Academic Advisers in 2021-22. The Faculty will consider their academic and interview performance, and will then arrange a training in collaboration with the Academic Advising Office to shortlisted candidates. Only those who completed the training will be recognized as Student Academic Advisers. Hence, advice from Student  Academic Advisers will be more accurate.

What "study problems" can Student Academic Advisers advise on?

Possible areas for advising include: how to adapt to the university life, course selection, major/minor options, exchanges and experiential learning opportunities, time management, etc.

Depending on the enquiries, Student Academic Advisers can advise students to consult other available sources, e.g. Faculty Academic Advisers, UG Coordinators, the course-offering teaching units, the Faculty Office, Residential Student Advisers, CEDARS, Academic Advising Office. Students Academic Advisers can also refer some complicated cases to the Faculty Office to follow up.

How can students consult Student Academic Advisers?

The Faculty will introduce Student Academic Advisers on the Faculty orientation activities in August 2021. During the add/drop periods, we will arrange activities for Student Academic Advisers to provide walk-in advising. In addition, we will post the list of Student Academic Advisers, including a very brief profile of them, on the Faculty website, so students can contact Student Academic Advisers via email. 

Recruitment Schedule of Student Academic Advisers 2021-22

Until March 21, 2021

Interested students can submit an application <here> . The Faculty will also invite nominations from the Arts Association and Arts Schools/Centres.

April 1, 2021 Shortlisted candidates will have an interview for selection.
Mid April 2021 The Faculty and AAO will coorganize a training to successful candidates.

Current Student Academic Advisors can apply for re-appointment if they are interested in serving for another year.  Please contact Ms Polly Lam (email: pollylwm@hku.hkfor the application for re-appointment.

As a token of appreciation, a certificate of appreciation will be presented to Student Academic Advisers who have completed their service in the academic year.