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Student Academic Advisers

point (A) Background 

The Faculty is delighted to announce that we have recruited 59 Student Academic Advisers for 2021-22, with a view to providing more peer academic support to students.

point(B) Roles of Student Academic Advisers 

  1. To advise students (Year 1 and above) on various academic matters by email or in person. Possible areas for advising include: how to adapt to the University life, course selection, major/ minor options, Programme-related questions, ways to achieve excellent academic performance, experiential learning opportunities, time management, hall life, etc.

  1. To refer more specific enquiries to the parties concerned when necessary, such as Faculty Academic Advisers, UG Coordinators, Faculty/teaching unit administrators and Residential Student Advisers.
  2. To pair up with up to 5 Year 1 students for peer support, especially during the orientation period
  3. To attend the Faculty’s events (e.g. Information Day, admissions talks) as Student Ambassadors to promote our Programmes.

point(C) Student Academic Advisers 2021-22 

Please click the following profiles of Student Academic Advisers to see how they can help on your studies:

January 17, 2022