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6078 BA&LLB

6078 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
5-Year Double Degree Programme

This joint programme in Arts and Law at The University of Hong Kong offers an exciting double degree combining the critical and communication skills offered by a world-leading literary studies programme with comprehensive training in the law.  This selective programme uniquely allows students to gain two degrees in a single five-year course of study: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws.

The programme fosters valuable skills in both legal argumentation and literary analysis. As a Literary Studies major, students can choose their course of study in the Faculty of Arts from a wide array subjects in English literature, Chinese literature, comparative literature, language and communication, linguistics, translation studies, and many others.  In the Faculty of Law, students take foundational courses in legal studies as well as upper-level electives that allow them to explore their interests in greater depth.

In addition to studying individual subject in both faculties, students in this programme take interdisciplinary seminars which bring together legal and literary texts – an opportunity to deepen and broaden both legal knowledge and critical analysis skills. Currently offered in the programme are subjects examining law and film; medieval law and literature; law, meaning and interpretation; contemporary law and literary texts; legal history; and many more.

This double degree will prepare students for a variety of careers, including those in law, academia, journalism, politics, and beyond.

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