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Undergraduate Programmes - Session B (Starting on June 28, 2021)

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Global Creative Industries New Media and Social Media (GCIN2020)
Programme Code & Title: New Media and Social Media (GCIN2020)
Programme Period: June 28, 2021 to July 16, 2021
Class Time & Date: 09:30 - 12:30; Monday - Friday
Instructor: Dr. Dixon Wong Heung Wah - Associate Professor
Credits: 6
Course Description:

Digitalization has become a central part of consumer life and the business world. Our economy, society and culture are being significantly shaped by the development of digitalization and the Internet. Nowadays, new media and social media have become two very important pillars of marketing and management practices for both consumer and business, from hiring to reputation management to customer service. Different forms of new media, including QR codes, Facebook page, Google+, Pinterest and Amazon, etc. are dramatically changing creative processes, technological development, value chains, buying behavior and customer service in our society. The course aims to provide students with an insight into how new media and social media affect consumers and the society, as well as the cultural and organizational dynamics of the business world.

Pre-requisite: NIL
Course Outline: Download Here
Mode of Teaching: Online

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