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Undergraduate Programmes - Session A (Starting on June 21, 2021)

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Comparative Literature The Body in Culture (CLIT2016)
Programme Code & Title: The Body in Culture (CLIT2016)
Programme Period: June 21, 2021 to July 2, 2021
Class Time & Date: 09:30 - 12:30; Monday - Friday
Instructor: Dr. Timothy Gitzen - Postdoctoral Fellow
Credits: 6
Course Description:

How do bodies matter? Our goal in this course is to attempt to answer this question by examining feminist, queer, and social body theory. We begin with metaphors of the body and corporeal orientations as method for charting a trajectory through topics of normativity and the docile, deviancy, sexed and raced bodies, inscription and embodiment, and the very notion of the human itself. Throughout this course, we will push the limits of what we think we know about our own bodies, using the readings and course materials to continuously reflect back on how we understand our own bodies and what potentialities we can create and embody. We move through four parts in this course, beginning with orientations before diving deep into normality and the docile body, technologies of the body, and materiality. We end by considering how we can intervene in normalizing body discourses, using the genres of performance art and memoirs to make these connections. In thinking about the body, questions and paradoxes we will address include: is there a pre-social body? What is the relationship between biology, culture, and the body? How does inscription and embodiment take place? How is the body a site of power? In what ways can we embodied beings resist and move?



Course Outline: Download Here
Mode of Teaching: Online

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