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Advanced Global Creative Industries Workshops Series

Overview of Advanced Global Creative Industries Workshops Series

The Advanced Global Creative Industries Workshops Series is first introduced to both students and business insiders who are interested in further studying Global Creative Industries.

Adopting multidisciplinary approach to the study of creative industries from the perspective of humanities, philosophy, anthropology and media studies, this series of workshop aims to address and promote understanding of core issues underlying creative industries such as cultures, values, ethics, technology and creativity etc. and equip students with the essential research skills to study and analyse creative industries as well as the practical skills to participate in the industries.

The workshops will enable participants to produce research on creative industries and generate original ideas and cultural products through the study of fundamentals in the creative industries.

Unlike most of the programmes on the market which focus principally on the practices, operations and management of the creative industries, the workshops aim to study the creative industries from an interdisciplinary perspective of humanities aside from teaching students the practical skills required to participate in the industries.

Participants will be empowered to develop critical thinking, different research tools and methodologies to analyse the subject through the workshops’ focus on cultures and values which shape the industries and the history and progression of the industries through a global and comparative framework between the East and the West. By studying the foundational principles of the industries in a global context, the generation and commercialisation of original ideas, which propel the development of the industries, will be visualised and become reachable and the intercultural capacity of students will be enhanced, laying a strong foundation for students' future prospect in the global creative industries.‚Äč