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The Faculty of Arts is internationally regarded for its cutting edge research across the range of its subject areas. Its reputation is built on innovation and collaboration, bringing together researchers spanning several disciplines to pioneer new research trends in the Arts and Humanities. There is a strong vision for developing successful interdisciplinary research, and a commitment to ensuring that our research effectively informs our own teaching as well as a wider process of knowledge exchange in close partnership with a range of stakeholders. Our research strives to understand the changing nature of local and global values, processes and challenges in their social cultural, economic and historical contexts.

It is one of the Faculty’s stated missions to serve as an international gateway and forum for humanistic scholarship between China and the rest of the world. The Faculty’s themes of China-West Studies and Language & Communication, along with the Emerging Strategic Research Theme of Law, Literature, Language, embrace the research activities of most Faculty scholars and inform their teaching.

We offer supervision in a wide range of areas of study. Please follow the links below for details of the main areas: 

You may also search for a Thesis Supervisor through the HKU Scholars Hub: