Preparing Abstracts of Theses

Preparing Abstracts of Theses

Preparing Abstracts of Theses

Dear FHDC Chairpersons,

I have been considering MPhil/PhD examination cases on behalf of the Board of Graduate Studies and note that in some abstracts of MPhil/PhD theses, students use 'we' which is deemed not appropriate as the thesis is the work of the student alone. I understand that in some instances, especially in lab-based research, there is collective effort in carrying out a bigger research project. To avoid complications, a passive voice is preferred.

Also, some abstracts have been divided into sections, with several headings within the abstract. This too should be avoided.

Grateful if you could please remind your supervisors and RPg students of the above. Thank you.

Best regards,
Mee Len

Professor M.L. Chye
Wilson and Amelia Wong Professor in Plant Biotechnology
Associate Dean
Graduate School

October 11, 2012