Guidelines on obtaining ethical approval

Guidelines on obtaining ethical approval

Guidelines on obtaining ethical approval of research involving human participants

As stipulated in the University's Policy on Research Integrity, all members of the University must observe the highest standards of professional conduct. All research conducted by staff and students of the Faculty of Arts involving human participants are required to seek ethical clearance from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

According to Clause 10 of HREC's Operational Guidelines and Procedures, “Research postgraduate (RPG) students are asked to indicate in their annual progress report form if ethical approval is required for the research involved in his/her proposed thesis. RPG students will be required to submit documentary evidence to show that the relevant ethical approval has been obtained for research work on their theses when they submit their detailed scheme of research and the candidate’s progress report, for purposes of confirmation of candidatures.”

Therefore, students whose research involves human participants are reminded to submit a hard copy of the documentary evidence (official letter downloaded from the online Human Research Ethics Application System) of the relevant ethical approval, in addition to the detailed scheme of research, by the end of the probationary period for purposes of confirmation of candidatures. The sample online application form and related information can be found on the Research Services website. If the concerned students fail to obtain the ethical approval by the end of the probationary period, their candidatures will not be confirmed and their probationary periods will be extended.