The Centennial - Arts Association, H.K.U.S.U. Exhibition

The Centennial - Arts Association, H.K.U.S.U. Exhibition

Period: November 6 to 20, 2015

Established in 1915, the Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students’ Union is one of the three earliest Faculty Societies founded at the University of Hong Kong. We endeavour to organize events and provide welfare of various kinds to facilitate the comprehensive development of Arts students.

In our early years, our departmental societies were affiliated to the Independent Clubs Association instead of the Association. Following a constitutional reform, all academic societies are now affiliated to the Association to better uphold members' interests and effectively reflect the opinions of Arts students. With a growing number of programs available for Arts students to declare as majors or minors, we anticipate the further expansion of the structure of our Association in the foreseeable future.

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It is noteworthy that the Association did not have its own badge and pennant when it was first established. The Association held a design competition in 1959 and the design of Mr. Lo King Man was adopted as the Association's official badge.

His design was not only attractive but also meaningful: the quill signifies our Faculty and incidentally represents “the Quill”, the Association's publication at that time. The badge and pennant of the Association serve both as ornaments and, more importantly, as a “banner under which we gather”, fostering unity and a sense of common belonging.

The Arts Students’ Council was founded in 1968. Its main purpose is to act as a link between the Faculty Board and Arts students and to incorporate the departmental societies into the Association. The Council also supervises the Executive Committee and all affiliated Academic Societies.

Different items, including constitutional review,
faculty affairs, awards, finance and current affairs,
are considered by various standing committees
which then make recommendations, subject to final
approval by the Arts Students’ Council.

In 1980, the post of Welfare Secretary was established
to offer improved welfare services for members. In the
1980s, vouchers and discount cards for department
stores were made available to our privileged members.
In recent years, Welfare Weeks have been organized
regularly to provide services offered by external

As shown here, the Association was ambitious in promoting arts activities such as drama performances and folk dances, and offered training courses to members to enhance their skills and to bring members together. These courses were well supported by members and external parties.

Back in the late 1950s, the Association started to
publish different periodic publications. “Quill”,
the Association’s most iconic title, was published
yearly from 1955. Copies would be sent to other
universities to exchange knowledge and facilitate
interuniversity communication. Other publications include “Kultur” and “Arts News Your News”, as shown in this photo. However, no publications have been produced for several years due to insufficient funding.

Since the 1980s, strong emphasis has been placed on social issues as a consequence of the change of sovereignty and the enactment of the Basic Law. The Association seeks to generate interest on these matters and has carried out studies on various issues, as well as organised visits to promote a greater understanding of Hong Kong among members and students. 

The Current Affairs Committee of the Arts Students’
Council has also produced various publications to raise awareness of current affairs’ issues.

The Association seeks to expand members’ and students’ artistic horizons, promote arts and cultural development and contribute to cultural and artistic initiatives in our community. Activities such as guided cultural tours, academic forums and exhibitions are
organized each year with this aim in mind.

This photo shows a singing competition held
by the Association with the aim of promoting
performing arts and initiating musical

To promote comradeship within the Faculty of Arts, we actively participate in Interfaculty competitions each year. Our Association’s Football team was regarded as
the strongest in the 1950s and 1960s.

Sports activities are extremely important to the comprehensive development of members and Arts students. More importantly, participating in sports competitions allows members to release stress and anxiety.

Two different pennants are shown in this photo commemorating the Association's overall championship in the Interfaculty Omega Rose Bowl organized by the Sports Association, H.K.U.S.U.

The social and networking aspects of our orientation activities aim to foster a sense of belonging to the Arts family among the freshmen, to kick start their fruitful
university lives and connect with the Association. The Association also hosts a variety of events and activities that help members to settle into life at the University.

This photo shows a group of Arts students participating in our popular orientation camps.


In the 1950s and 1960s, friendly Welcome Freshmen Parties were held as an Orientation function for freshmen. The Parties were immensely popular and a warm atmosphere prevailed. The parties introduced new members to the social aspects of University life. Additionally, the Freshmen Information Service promoted a friendly relationship with new members by offering useful information about the University.

These functions also offered invaluable opportunities for freshmen to mingle with their new classmates and explore various academic options. Existing students were also dedicated to welcoming freshmen to the Arts community.

The Association organizes and prepares different orientation activities every summer so that Arts freshmen may better settle into their new environment. These activities, and the effective interactions they involve, also help to establish strong bonds among Arts students.

The activity shown in this photograph is a Night
Walk, one of the challenges included in the
Orientation Camp.

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