Transformations: Art Workshops and Art Practices

Transformations: Art Workshops and Art Practices

Period: September 2014 to January 2015

The works on display are part of a project undertaken by Miles Dugan (BA 2014) and several other Department of Fine Arts students in collaboration with Asia Society Hong Kong. With the support of an HKU Knowledge Exchange Grant and the Faculty of Arts, the students assisted in the production of It Begins with Metamorphosis: Xu Bing, an exhibition curated by Yeewan Koon at Asia Society Hong Kong from May 8 to August 31, 2014.

The students’ first and primary role was to raise 900 silkworms that were used in the creation of two artworks. As documented through the photographs taken by Clea Chen, they raised the silkworms from their beginning stages until they formed cocoons and metamorphosed into moths. The experience of raising silkworms was new to them, and they found it fascinating to watch them change day by day and eventually when the time was right, to spin silk. The silkworm embodies change and transformation, themes that are central to the exhibition itself.

The photos also document the second component of the students’ project, in which they conducted workshops with children to teach them about the exhibition and its themes. Their goal was to help children relate their own lives to art and to help them find their own way of expression with a hope that people would not see art as aloof and elitist but available to all. Overall, the experience of raising the silkworms and conducting the workshops was valuable to the students as they were able to apply their knowledge and interests in a real world project.

KE Student Project Team:
Miles Owens Dugan
Erin Li Yining
Clea Chan Yanhong

Faculty Mentor:
Dr Yeewan KOON (School of Humanities – Fine Arts)

Partner Organization:
Asia Society Hong Kong

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silkworm silkworm
silkworm silkworm