Two HKU academics receive UGC Teaching Awards for 2021

28 September 2021 (Tuesday)

Two HKU academics receive UGC Teaching Awards for 2021

Dr Koon Yee Wan of the Faculty of Arts, and Professor Daniel Wong Fu Keung of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) have received awards under the 2021 UGC Teaching Award scheme. 

The UGC Teaching Award was established to honour academics of the UGC-funded universities for their outstanding teaching performances and achievements, as well as their leadership and scholarly contributions to teaching and learning within and across universities.

Dr Koon Yee Wan has been honoured with the UGC Teaching Award under the General Faculty Members category.  Dr. Koon joined the University in 2006 and is currently Chair of the Department of Art History.  Dr. Koon’s teaching excellence has been recognised in Faculty and University teaching awards. Her vision is to transform students’ curiosity into a deeper commitment to the arts. Her ‘art history in action’ strategy underpins her innovative and effective redesign of HKU’s art history programme. She leverages her vast networks for student learning to illustrate the role of art in society and highlight the myriad career opportunities in the arts ecosystem.  

Professor Daniel Wong Fu Keung, of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, is a member of a cross-institutional team that received the UGC Teaching Award (Teams). The Award recognises the “Joint University Mental-Wellness Project (JUMP)”, which is a collaborative initiative among five local universities led by the City University of Hong Kong. As a research-based project, the team has adopted ‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Experiential Learning’ approaches to develop and implement various programmes to enhance the mental well-being of students at their own university.

Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) of HKU, extended his warmest congratulations to Dr Koon and Professor Wong and said: “Dr. Koon is an exceptional educator who epitomises all that is best about teaching and learning in academia: her disciplinary expertise, passion, energy and genuine care for her students are an inspiration to all. Her immense contributions have lifted the profile of arts education within Hong Kong and across the globe.”

“Professor Wong is a leader in cognitive behavioral therapy, with a specialism in adapting western frameworks to eastern contexts.  His commitment to teaching has previously been recognised at both Faculty and University levels,” Professor Holliday added.

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官綺雲博士是「一般教學人員組別」的得獎人。官博士於2006年加入港大,現任藝術學系系主任。她在教學上成就卓越,獲學院和大學的傑出教學獎項表揚。她對教學堅守信念,著重把學生的好奇心,轉化成對文學藝術的深入探索和專注。她提倡「藝術史的全面實踐」(‘art history in action’),透過觀看、書寫和教學,作為全面推動藝術史的策略,創新和有效地重新設計了港大的藝術歷史課程,又動用她龐大的資源網絡推動學生學習,把藝術在社會的角色呈現出來,並展示藝術生態領域所能創造的大量工作機遇。





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