Knowledge Exchange

UAS Reflections

Class visit to the Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens by Mabel Cheung & Alex Law

“It was a wonderful meeting with Mabel and Alex.  Through their marvelous explanation of their filmmaking experience and friendly sharing about their views on Hong Kong cinema in the global context, our students have learnt not only how to appreciate films but also gained an insightful lesson about how to actualize one's aesthetic passion with perseverance, patience, and teamwork.  Our students would definitely love to see more Hong Kong filmmakers coming to HKU in future.”  

Dr Fiona Law, Department of Comparative Literature

HKU Centenary Video Competition

Filmmaking is my dream. The path to become a filmmaker is undoubtedly challenging. In our meeting with Ms Cheung and Mr Law, they have shared their experience in their path of becoming one of the greatest directors of Hong Kong. In the cinema, we can enjoy the film in a comfortable environment and be touched by all great movies of the time. However, behind the scenes, it takes much more than some great actors and some expensive equipment to work things out. With Ms Cheung and Mr Law enlightening us, I feel like I am one step closer to catch this dream.”

Billy Ngan (顏昭恆), Grand Prize Winner for 2012 Part I


HKU Fine Arts Centenary Project collaborative workshop by Gu Wenda

“During his time as  a University Artist, Gu Wenda has made a substantial and lively contribution to the cultural life of the University, often in cooperation with the Fine Arts Department. His contribution has given us all a better understanding of the relation of traditional Chinese arts to modernity and globalization.”

Dr Opher Mansour, Department of Fine Arts


HKU Fine Arts Centenary Project collaborative workshop by Gu Wenda

“The University Artist Scheme has offered us students an invaluable opportunity to meet the world renowned artist Gu Wenda. It was especially exciting as an art history student because I used to learn about his works from lectures and books. Thanks to this event, students like me could talk to the artist in person. In the calligraphy workshop, Gu examined our translations and calligraphy one by one. It was such a fantastic and memorable experience!

Nicole Fung, Arts Alumna


Masterclass with three HKU postgraduate student composers by Yip Wing-sie

Maestro Yip's generous comment had inspired my thoughts in score writing. She clearly pointed out the inadequacy (like over-marking with words) on my score from her viewpoint as a practical and experienced musician.”

Gordon Fung Dic-lun, HKU postgraduate student composer


Yip Wing-sie

If not for this scheme, I wouldn’t have got to know Mabel Cheung. I’ve seen so many of her films but only now met her in person. Maybe in future we will have an opportunity to work together.”

Maestro Yip Wing-sie, University Artist