Knowledge Exchange



finding future’s way is a truly collaborative effort and the artists express their heartfelt thanks to the many individuals who helped make this project a reality.

We would particularly like to thank Dr Alice Lam, whose support of the University Artists Scheme makes our work at HKU possible.

We are indebted to Dr Yeewan Koon, in particular, and her colleagues in the Department of Fine Arts, Professor David Clarke, Dr Kathleen Wyma and Dr Roslyn Hammers, for their engagement with and insights into the project, to Dr Anderson Shum and Ms Sibyl Mak Sze-yi from the Department of Mechanical Engineering for their willingness to open up their water-water system to the sound of bees, and to Dr Benoit Guénard from the School of Biological Sciences and Ms Lily Ng Chiu-yee from the Insect Biodiversity & Biogeography Lab who are responsible for the unbelievable bee image that is included in the exhibition.

We are grateful to Dr Wong Chi Chung and Ms Celeste Shai from the General Education Unit for their enthusiasm in the environmental aspects of the project and for putting us in touch with Mr Fai Hui at the Wild Roots organic farm, the Yeung family whose bees we recorded, Ms Nicola Newbery in Hoi Ha and Mr Yip Tsz Lam at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, and to the Outreach Team in the Faculty of Arts, Professor John Carroll, Ms Georgina Challen, Mr Cyrus Chan and
Ms Eva Yung, for their support and commitment.

We welcomed student engagement with the project and would like to especially thank Ms Gigi Leung and Ms Alice Leung for their inspirational ideas and dedicated work on the exhibition, as well as Dr Thomas Tsang and students from the Department of Architecture who spent an afternoon making origami bees. Lastly, we would like to thank the many staff members, students and friends we have met during our time at HKU and whose perspectives on our work have helped shape finding future’s way.