Knowledge Exchange

KE Student Projects


Take Action! Youth Biodiversity Conservation Leadership Training Scheme

bio   Student Project Team:
   Miss Kathleen Ka Yan HO / Mr Kwan Ki MA / Miss Pui Sze LI

   Faculty Mentor: Dr Alexandra COOK
   (School of Humanities – Philosophy)

   Partner Organization: The Conservancy Association

This project brings together students from the Faculties of Arts, Science and Social Sciences in an interdisciplinary effort to tackle one of Hong Kong’s most prominent yet least discussed environmental issues. It aims to encourage appreciation of local biodiversity, raise awareness of existing challenges to biodiversity conservation, and initiate a solutions-seeking approach to these challenges.

The team will invite applications from F4 to F6 local secondary school students and guide them in how to construct a simple Action Plan for biodiversity conservation in their own district. The results will be exhibited at a “Graduation Ceremony” in June 2014.

Project Leaflet

Introducing Critical Thinking and Basic Logic to Secondary School Students

critical thinking  Student Project Team:
  Mr Anson Chun Lok LAU / Miss Wing Ki HO /  Miss Emily Jo Yee CHAN
  Mr Shing Hay Felix YEUNG

  Faculty Mentor: Dr Joe LAU
  (School of Humanities – Philosophy)

  Partner Organization: Hong Kong Practical Philosophy Society

This project aims to introduce some basic concepts of philosophy, such as critical thinking and logic, to local senior secondary school students, and arouse their interest in a subject which many would not have encountered previously. Using materials based on those available on the “Critical Thinking Web” developed by Dr Joe Lau, the team will engage with students at two or three local secondary schools through lectures and discussions.

Islam Connects – Publication Project

Islam   Student Project Team:
   Miss Lok Yin WONG / Miss Shun Yan WONG /  Miss Yuk Ki CHOW
   Miss Joe Li  WONG / Miss Si Yan CHOY /  Miss Lok Lam FONG
   Miss Jamie Wing Tung TSE / Miss Wan Chi LEUNG / Mr John Ka Kin LEUNG
   Mr Chun Hei TSANG / Mr Chun Kui TAM

   Faculty Mentor: Dr Fiona LAW
   (School of Humanities – Comparative Literature)

   Partner Organization: Serving Islam Team – Hong Kong

This project brings together eleven students currently studying Philosophy, Sociology, English Studies, Politics and Public Administration, Comparative Literature, Translation, and Creative Media at the University of Hong Kong with the aim of enhancing cultural understanding of Islam in Hong Kong. With the support of Serving Islam Team (SIT) Hong Kong, the team plans to establish a new magazine, “Connect,” that promotes communication and dispels misconceptions and stereotypes of Islamic and Arabic culture. Print copies will be distributed to universities, cultural organizations and second-floor bookshops. Digital copies will be posted on social networking sites.

Learning Chinese in the Digital Age

  learn chineseStudent Project Team:
  Mr Zhongting CHEN / Miss Jianqiao HUANG
  Miss Tianyin LIU / Mr Chong Yee WONG

  Faculty Mentor: Professor Li-hai TAN
  (School of Humanities – Linguistics)

  Partner Organization: Hope International Kindergarten – Hong Kong Pre-school

This project aims to reverse the current documented decrease in Chinese children’s reading ability possibly attributed to a reliance on the use of pinyin to type on electronic devices. The team, made up of postgraduate students with an interest in linguistics and psychology, plans to work with preschool students at two kindergartens in Hong Kong and Foshan to develop Chinese learning games for the digital age, including the creation of a downloadable app. Through these games, the team hopes to enhance the children’s interest in learning Chinese and improve their language abilities.

Transformations: Art Workshops and Art Practices

  arts workshop Student Project Team:
   Mr Miles Owens DUGAN / Ms Shirley Bik Cheung CHAN
   Ms Yining LI /  Ms Yanhong CHEN / Ms Man Hing LUK

   Faculty Mentor: Dr Yeewan KOON
   (School of Humanities – Fine Arts)

   Partner Organization:
   Asia Society Hong Kong

This project draws on the upcoming Asia Society exhibition “Metamorphosis” to conduct a series of interactive workshops that will examine different themes under the larger rubric of “Transformations.” These include the process of making art, the use of materials, and the relationship between the historical uses of these materials and their use today. Through these workshops, the team hopes that exhibition attendees will come to appreciate artworks from a different perspective. A work developed by the team in conjunction with the artist will serve as a springboard for the workshops.