Knowledge Exchange



Social Recording - Preserving the Tangible and Intangible Culture of Viva Blue House (VBH)

Blue House   Student Project Team:
   Ms Chor See CHAN / Ms Ye Tung NG / Ms Cheuk Ling TSANG 
   Mr Tin Chak KAU / Mr Pok Shaan WONG

   Faculty Mentor: Dr Mirana May SZETO
  (School of Humanities (Comparative Literature))

   Partner Organization: St. James’ Settlement

The Viva Blue House project (VBH) is a showcase of old and new - Hong Kong culture and innovative ideas towards ‘living’ heritage preservation. The team recorded the VBH using different media in order to share with the public the knowledge, socio-cultural innovations and historical content it generates. These include photos, drawings and a physical model showcasing the structure and usage of the cockloft of the Blue House Cluster, as well as a 40-minute video on the failure to preserve the cockloft and how this reflects on the meaning and importance of heritage conservation.

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Step Out: The Continuation of The HKU100 Student Arts Festival
A Dialogue Between Creative Students & Arts Professionals

Culture Shock  Student Project Team:
  Ms Danielle Leeann CHIN / Mr Charles FONG / Ms Krithika CHANDRA MOULI

  Faculty Mentor: Dr Robert PECKHAM
  (Centre for the Humanities and Medicine)

  Partner Organization: Doppio Zero

The project builds on the activities of the HKU100 Student Arts Festival to showcase the artwork of students across the University. The KE project seeks to extend this initiative by bringing students’ art production into the community. The project comprises two components: first, an exhibition of students work in different media (with a focus on painting and photography) in a public venue; second, the promotion of public debate with an open forum where student artists will exchange ideas and experiences with established Hong Kong artists, art administrators, and cultural leaders.

The exhibition was held on April 20, 2013, as the closing event of the Culture Shock! HKU Student Arts Festival. The Arts Fest also included a Bollywood Dance performance and a play, “Something Different,” performed in the University’s new black box theatre.

Towards the English Language Enhancement of Children from Underprivileged Families in Hong Kong

voluntary tuitionStudent Project Team:
Miss Tsz Wing HO / Miss Rachel Cheuk Lun CHAN / Miss Sharon Cheuk Yan CHAN / Miss Jun Ah KIM

Faculty Mentor: Dr Lisa LIM
(School of English)

Partner Organization: Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), in collaboration with Kerry Group Kuok Foundation

The team aims to contribute to the English language enhancement of children from underprivileged families in Hong Kong, by being English language tutors and mentors in the Kerry Group Kuok Foundation’s Little Trekkers Learning Club programme for children (P1-3, 4-5) from underprivileged families in three schools in Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung. The team assisted with after-school classes once or twice a week in English teaching and curriculum development from October 2012 to June 2013. It also helped develop the curriculum and conduct activities for English Learning Week, and sought to enhance English learning in creative and fun ways.

Curatorial Project: Fantasies and Crises: Works of Austrian Artists, Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and Egon Schiele (1890-1918)

Klimt  Student Project Team:
  Miss Ge Yau LEUNG / Ms Grace Yee Shuen CHENG / Mr Miles DUGAN
  Miss Shi Jia YU / Miss Wenqi ZHU

  Faculty Mentor: Dr Yeewan KOON
  School of Humanities (Fine Arts)

  Partner Organization: Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services

Organizing and curating an exhibition of paintings by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele with the Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department ("APO") and with high quality reproduction works provided by the Austrian Consulate General (Hong Kong).

The exhibition was held from March 6 to 18, 2013 in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, attracting close to 2,000 visitors. In addition to curating the exhibition, the team also created an exhibition booklet and set up an exhibition website:


Pilot Project for Volunteer Leaders

Pilot Project  Student Project Team:
  Mr Fei XIAO / Miss Weini PENG / Mr Jiyuan QIAN / Mr Peng SHANG
  Ms Mengjing MAO / Ms Yunong ZHENG

  Faculty Mentor: Dr Robert PECKHAM
  School of Humanities (History); Centre for the Humanities and Medicine

  Partner Organization:
  Charitable Service Association of Inner Mongolia Normal University;
  Teaching Corps in Northwest Yunnan; Volunteer Club of Hainan

Beyond the Pivot (BTP) is a non-profit organization established by HKU students in 2009. It has three interconnected aims: to harness the expertise and experience of students in order to improve the delivery of education in rural communities; to promote knowledge exchange; and to foster student humanitarian leadership.

Team leaders and BTP members completed pilot visits to selected destinations for volunteer education projects in Inner Mongolia, Hainan, and Yunnan, conducting interviews and discussions with local education authorities, NGOs, teachers, primary and secondary school students and their families. The teams also carried out demonstrational lectures and workshops for students in five schools, and exchanged ideas and experience with local teachers on teaching methods and stimulating students’ interest in study. Upon their return to Hong Kong, the team shared the insights gained from their winter pilot trips during a series of workshops for students and members of the public. In June 2013, Team Leaders led 45 volunteers back to 7 rural schools, and carried out activities in which more than 1,100 students participated.

Development of Information Resources for Clients with Genetic Conditions and Healthcare Genetic Professionals

Genetic Professionals  Student Project Team:

  Miss Alice Hoi Ying YAU / Mr Ronald Lung Yat CHUI / Mr Joey Chin Ching FUNG

  Faculty Mentor (Post/Department): Dr Olga ZAYTS
  (School of English)

  Partner Organization:  Clinical Genetic Service, Department of Health, Hong Kong

The project aims at developing on-line and printed materials for two groups of beneficiaries: 1) clients with genetic disorders; and their families and other support groups; 2) healthcare genetic professionals who work with clients with genetic conditions (e.g. genetic nurses; genetic counsellors; clinical geneticists). The team developed two information leaflets (in English and Chinese) for these two targeted groups based on the on-going research that involves an active collaboration between the School of English (HKU), Clinical Genetic Services of Hong Kong (HA), and a number of public hospitals (QMH, Tsan Yuk and Princess Margaret hospitals). The focus on a genetic condition that is particularly common in Hong Kong, namely G6PD deficiency. A website is also being set up.