Knowledge Exchange



Losing Your Voice: Hong Kong's Disappearing Dialects

disappearing dialects in hk

Project Coordinator: Dr Cathryn Donohue
School of Humanities, Linguistics

This project aims to inform the community about the endangered local dialects, their importance for linguistics, and the relationship between language and culture through the creation of an informational video for wide dissemination. One of the primary goals is to reverse some of the negative attitudes associated with non-standard varieties and help prevent further language loss. 

Second Century Lecture Series

Project Coordinator: Professor John Carroll
Associate Dean of Arts

This project offers free, public lectures by internationally renowned experts in the Arts and Humanities as a continuation of the Centenary celebrations. The fourth lecture will be held in association with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Cultures of Death: The Yasukuni Shrine and Contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations - A Public Forum

Yasukuni Shrine

Project Coordinator: Dr Victor Teo
School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Japanese Studies


This project aims to further the general public's understanding into one of the most difficult and protracted issues in contemporary Sino-Japanese Relations – the worshipping of soldiers at Yasukuni Shrine by Japanese politicians. It involves a public forum cum workshop which examines the cultural differences in the way Chinese and Japanese people perceive sins, death and remembrance.

#LinguisticMinoritiesHK #outreach Project Coordinator: Dr Lisa Lim
School of English


This project aims to develop school outreach activities, based on the LinguisticMinorities.HK project – the website comprising a one-stop resource on the linguistic situations of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. It encourages nuanced and reflexive discussion of linguistic diversity and inspires local youth to respond to the inclusion of minority groups.


E3 (Engage, Empower & Enhance): An Evaluation of the Impact of ProWriteHK 


Project Coordinator: Dr Ken Lau
Centre for Applied English Studies


This project aims to evaluate quantitatively and qualitatively the impact brought about by the ProWriteHK website through soliciting views from the stakeholders and users, and to improve the website to further benefit the targeted group of users. 


Resources for Interpreting - Enhancing the Impacts

resources for interpreting

Project Coordinator: Dr Eva Ng
School of Chinese

This project further develops and enhances the website – Resources for Interpreting – created under the auspices of a KE Impact Project (2014-15), by updating and expanding its contents and enhancing its overall functionality and thus its impacts on users. 


German with Fun - Language and Cultural Project for Secondary School Students


Project Coordinator: Dr Chong Li
School of Modern Languages & Cultures, German Programme

This project aims to generate further interest within the general Hong Kong community for learning the German language and understanding its culture through outreach events like public lectures and workshops for secondary students conducted by HKU lecturers and students from the German Programme. It also provides HKU German Programme students with opportunities for experiential learning and mentoring experience.