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Messiah Community Sing-Along

Messiah Community Sing Along

Project Coordinator: Professor Daniel Chua
Department of Music


This project aims to bring together HKU student performers, professional musicians, and the general public with our KE partners, SingFest and HKU Cultural Management Office, through a series of workshops, rehearsals, and talks, culminating in a 'community sing-along' concert in the Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre in December 2017. Bringing this high baroque work, Messiah, to HKU will enliven the cultural environment on campus, build new audiences, further develop student engagement through arts education and integrate the arts into University life for a more supportive intellectual environment. 

Expanding Mind HK: Widening Access to an Online Information Resource on Mental Health in Hong Kong

mental health

Project Coordinator: Dr Olga Zayts
School of English 


This project aims to continue developing the Mind HK website (, a comprehensive web-based information resource on mental health issues specifically targeting the Hong Kong population (individuals with mental health problems, their social networks, and medical and other professionals involved in the provision of mental health services). It seeks to extend the reach of the website through multimedia videos and a wider range of written resources, specific to the Hong Kong context. This will broaden access to more vulnerable and less educated populations, improving equity of access to resources about mental health, the rights of individuals facing mental health problems, and medical and social sources of support available to them in Hong Kong.