Knowledge Exchange



Synesthesia: Rediscovering Hong Kong Myriad Cultures


Project Coordinator : Professor Stephen YW CHU
School of Modern Languages & Cultures, Hong Kong Studies

"Synesthesia Hong Kong" aims at rethinking Hong Kong cultural characteristics and the city's transforming identity via the senses. The project explores the multiple perspectives of the various producers and consumers of Hong Kong culture by engaging secondary school students, members of other interested institutions, as well as the general public, in forums, public seminars, community educational outreaches and liberal education endeavors.


Second Century Lecture Series


Project Coordinator:  Professor Douglas KERR
Dean of Arts

This project offers free, public lectures by internationally renowned experts in the Arts and Humanities as a continuation of the Centenary celebrations. The third lecture will be held in association with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Collaborating Sounds: Arts Exchange Project

double music

Project Coordinator: Professor Daniel CHUA
School of Humanities, Music


This project brings together the HKU Gamelan and HKU Percussion Ensemble with our KE partners, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and HKU Cultural Management Team, to collaborate in a series of workshops and talks culminating in a concert in The Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre in early 2015. This artistic and educational collaboration will benefit HKU students, staff, and alumni, as well as underprivileged school students and the general public.

The History of Malaria in Hong Kong: A Public Exhibition


Project Coordinator: Dr Ria SINHA
Centre for the Humanities and Medicine

The project will explore the history of malaria in Hong Kong, engaging with the public through an exhibition and a number of educational events. We intend to present original archival material from the Museum (including scientific artefacts), linking a public talk and educational forum to online interactive resources. The aim is to stimulate interest in local history, while raising the community's awareness of the continued global threat posed by malaria and the issues at stake in its eradication.

Reaching the Audience: Broadening Resources and Implementing Social Media for the ‘Language in Healthcare (LiH)' initiative


Project Coordinator: Dr Olga ZAYTS
School of English

We have successfully created the "Language in Healthcare (LiH)" website, an information resource about language and communication in healthcare and the impact they have on achieving successful healthcare outcomes, benefiting healthcare professionals, the general public and researchers of healthcare communication. With the continuation of this project, we plan to develop the website further by adding the Chinese translations, expanding the resources available on the site, and launching the website publicly and professionally, so as to broaden the impact of the site upon the target communities in Hong Kong.


Preservation of Socio-cultural Heritage and Historical Landscape of Kwu Tung at Sheung Shui, New Territories


Project Coordinator: Dr. Mirana M SZETO
School of Humanities, Comparative Literature

This project investigates and evaluates the socio-cultural heritage and historical landscape potential of Kwu Tung Village for heritage preservation purposes. HKU scholars and students will collaborate with the Land Education Foundation Ltd., local villagers and volunteers to collect research data and do oral histories. We will analyze research results and write an evaluation report for the Antiquities Advisory Board under the Development Bureau and the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, to advocate for partial or complete preservation of Kwu Tung Village. In the process, we will write and distribute newsletters and brochures, and organize community tours and seminars for villagers, volunteers and the public with the aim of, firstly, building capacity among villagers and volunteers, training them up as cultural tour-guides, and engaging them in this community heritage preservation project; and, secondly, raising awareness among the general public of the importance of preserving rural-based heritage and cultural landscape in Hong Kong, and inspiring more students and citizens to engage in rural-based preservation projects.


LinguisticMinorities. HK: Speaking in their Tongues

linguistics Project Coordinator: Dr Lisa LIM
School of English


This project LinguisticMinorities.HK: Speaking in their tongues aims to further develop the website LinguisticMinorities.HK – a one-stop resource on the linguistic situations of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong such as traditional minorities like Tanka and Weitou communities, Hakka, Hokkiens, and South Asians, and newer groups such as Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers and the African community – by providing a Chinese version so that the Chinese-speaking population will be able to access the website's resources. The website will continue to be a critical resource for knowledge generated by HKU scholars for the community, as well as for local and international researchers.


ProWrite: One Click to Success


Project Coordinator: Dr Ken LAU
Centre for Applied English Studies

The proposed project aims to create an interactive online platform "ProWrite" to provide self-help language resources for members of the public who are interested in beefing up their professional writing skills.


Design and Content Update of Opencourseware Website Critical Thinking Web

ct web

Project Coordinator: Dr Joe LAU
School of Humanities, Philosophy

This project aims to update both the content and design of a popular opencourseware website on critical thinking. More than 40,000 monthly visitors from Hong Kong and overseas will benefit from the new content and more mobile-friendly design. 


Resources for Interpreting

resources for interpreting

Project Coordinator: Dr Eva Nga Shan NG
School of Chinese

This project aims to develop a one-stop web-based resource for the practice, teaching and research of interpreting. By building a website which compiles training and reference materials, including a bilingual Chinese/English vocabulary database on current affairs, this project will benefit professional interpreters and those aspiring to be interpreters, trainers of interpreters and researchers of interpreting studies, translation and interpreting students, and the general public, including language learners and interpreting service users.


German for Fun - Language and Cultural Project for Secondary School Students


Project Coordinator: Dr CHONG LI
School of Modern Languages & Cultures, German Programme

This project aims to generate further interest within the general Hong Kong community for learning the German language and understanding its culture through outreach events like public lectures and workshops for secondary students conducted by HKU lecturers and students from the German Programme. It also provides HKU German Programme students with opportunities for experiential learning and mentoring experience.

Narratives of Connections in Many Accents


Project Coordinator: Dr Esther YAU
School of Humanities, Comparative Literature

This project will establish a network of non-Chinese and non-native Cantonese speaking groups and encourage them to share their stories of connecting to people in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. Readings and discussions of selected short stories, films, and visual art in interactive workshops will inspire diverse forms of creative writing and auditory-visual presentations. The creative connection narratives will be exhibited in a web resource to benefit community organizers, teachers, community centre participants, students, and family members of non-Chinese and non-native Cantonese speaking groups as well as the general public.