A Tribute to Yasi

A Tribute to Yasi: Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands

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2017年3月,我們懷着「這座城市、人、物還是依舊嗎?」的疑問,帶着也斯的作品守望香港。踏入2018年,讓我們與喜愛周遊列國的也斯(1949 – 2013),一同蒐集異鄉的風和日麗和歷史碎屑。

Themed, ‘Watching Over Hong Kong’, the last commemoration of Yasi (1949 – 2013) was held in March 2017. We paid tribute to Yasi with music, arts, seminar, and poetry, and tried to decode this city’s past, present and future through Yasi’s works. This year, we will embark on poetic journeys to foreign lands with the well-travelled Yasi.

Being our first stop, the Book Club will revisit Yasi’s essays, poems, and short stories published in 1970s. Titled, ‘Journey of Yasi: Between Hong Kong and Foreign Lands’, the seminar will take us from Hong Kong to the world and re-examine Yasi’s works from the perspective of Hong Kong as a global city. Another highlight event is an exhibition in response to Yasi’s poetry works. You are invited to translate your observations on the world within and around you into various mediums of visual artworks. Together with Yasi’s poems, selected artworks will be showcased at a two-week exhibition.

The tribute will culminate with the highlight event on 1 March (Thu). Join us for a cosy afternoon that commemorates Yasi with poetry, music, storytelling, Chinese dim sum, and tea from around the world.


讀書會 Book Club
Embark on the Creative Journey of Yasi

​Dates: 25 January (Thu), 1 February (Thu) & 23 February (Fri)
Time: 18:45 – 20:45
Venue: Gatherland2046
Language: Cantonese
Fee: $300
(Enrolled students will receive paperback copies of the books. A deposit of $100 will be refunded upon full attendance and participation in the poetry reading session during the commemoration event at 13:00 – 14:00 on 1 March (Thu).)
Quota: 10
Host: 黃淑嫻博士 Dr. Mary Wong 
(Associate Professor, Chinese Department; Associate Director, Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University)


研討會 Seminar

Journey of Yasi: Between Hong Kong and Foreign Lands

Date: 27 February (Tue)
Time: 18:45 – 20:45
Venue: KB223
Language: Cantonese & Mandarin (simultaneous interpretation will be provided upon request)
Online registration is available from 24 January (Wed) onwards:
For HKU students and staff -
For alumni and public -

Download Seminar Poster 


展覽 Exhibition

Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands

The co-organisers called for visual arts works themed ‘Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands’ to serve as part of the annual commemoration of Yasi. Participants are invited to observe the world within and around them, and unleash their creativity in translating their inspirations into various mediums of visual artworks such as photography, drawings and paintings. The selected artworks will be on display together with Yasi’s poems, at the exhibition.

Dates: 26/2 (Mon) – 9/3 (Fri)
Venue: Ground Floor Gallery, G/F Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


向也斯致意 2018: 詩遊異鄉 
A Tribute to Yasi: Poetic journeys in foreign lands

Date: 1 March (Thu)
Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Venue: Haking Wong Podium

Event Highlights
- Lunch Time Concert  
- Letterpress Printing
- Rubber stamp: Create your own Yasi's Poem
- Tea from Around the World
- Food Tasting
- Story-telling

- 黑鬼 Hakgwai  (Multi-instrumentalist)
- La Sax (Saxophone Ensemble)
- 雄仔叔叔 Uncle Hung (Storyteller and Poet)

Download Event Leaflet

The event is co-organised by Read-Cycling, the General Education Unit, the Faculty of Arts, and the Department of Comparative Literature, and supported by Hong Kong Studies Programme of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Hong Kong Open Print Shop, and Kin’s Kitchen.