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Supporting UG Research

Supporting Undergraduate Research through Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant, 2019-22

With the special funding supports from the University for developing and strengthening the research and inquiry-based learning components in undergraduate research, the Faculty invited students who enrolled in eligible courses with extensive research elements to take part in the captioned campaign in 2020-21 and 2021-22. 

In order to complete this campaign, participants were required to enroll in an eligible course in an academic year (or a semester) and conduct a research activity no less than 6 weeks under supervision of the relevant teachers that would signigicantly enrich their course experience. Eligible students were required to submit an applicaiton with a budget plan of the proposed research activity, with the relevant Programme's endorsement, for the Faculty's pre-approval for joining the campaign. When they passed the course concerned in the relevant semester/academic year, they were invited to (1) submit a self-evaluation report, (2) present their research finding, and (3) apply for reimbursement of the pre-approved expenses.  

The maximum amount of subsidy available depended on the location of the research activity. *Given the impact of COVID-19 on overseas travel, the University decided to expand the campaign to cover the research activities to be undertaken locally in July 2020.

 Location of the Research Activity

Maximum Amount of Subsidy Available

Hong Kong* 


Mainland or other Asian countries


Outside Asia


Please click the links below to view the posters showcasing the fruitful results of the relevant completed projects in 2020-21 and 2021-22: