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Curriculum Structure

BA Curriculum Structure (240 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme consists of a total of 240 credits over a normative period of four years of study. At the beginning of the second year of study, students will declare an Arts major and optional major(s)/ minor(s) on SIS.

The BA curriculum structure is outlined as follows:

(A) Compulsory Courses Required by the University


To be Taken


Core University English in Year 1 6

English in the Discipline (ED course)

Students who undertake Double Majors are not required to take a second ED course, unless they are advised by the programme(s) to do so.

in Year 2 6
Practical Chinese for Arts Students in Year 3 6

Common Core courses

  • They are categorized under 4 Areas of Inquiry (AoI). Students are required to complete at least 1 and not more than 2 courses from each AoI during their BA studies, with not more than 24 credits of courses being selected within one academic year except where candidates are required to make up for failed credits.
  • You are advised to take 2 – 4 Common Core courses in Year 1 and the rest in Years 2 – 3.
from Year 1 to Year 3 36
For Undergraduates who will graduate in 2022-23 and thereafter: Successful completion of any other non-credit bearing courses as required by the Regulation UG5 “Requirements for graduation” of the Regulations for First Degree Curricula  from Year 1 to Year 4 0
Total 54

(B) An Arts Major



Courses required by an Arts Major
(At least 18 credits in introductory courses from any Arts programme(s) to be taken in Year 1, including the pre-requisite(s) of the intending major(s))


(C) Remaining Credits



Other Arts/ non-Arts courses as electives
(which may enable students to declare optional major(s)/ minor(s))


Study load: The normal study load is 30 credits in each semester and students may take up to 36 credits. The maximum number of credits to be taken in one academic year (including the summer semester) is 72 credits.

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