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Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP) 2023-24

[Note: The application period is over.]

Objective and Overview

The URFP is a prestigious programme aimed to enhance students’ learning experience and to nurture the next generation of researchers/scholars.  It offers opportunities for academically outstanding students to undertake research under the guidance and supervision of academic staff who have a strong research track record and experience in training research postgraduate students.  Students enrolled in the URFP are required to undertake a research study.  

Eligibility Criteria

The following are eligible for participating in the URFP:
1. Students who are in the 90th percentile of top students in a study programmeor
2. Students who have a CGPA of 3.50 and above.

Year of Study

Students generally enroll in the URFP in their final year of study.  Flexibility is provided for cases with strong research interest and potential are identified earlier than the final year.

URFP Components for attendance

Eligible students can complete one of the following components for the URFP:

A. one of the following 12-credit courses:

  • AMER3007 Dissertation in American Studies
  • EUST3003 European Studies dissertation (capstone experience)
  • HIST4017 Dissertation elective (capstone experience)
  • PHIL4920 Senior thesis (capstone experience)

B. one of the following combinations of two 6-credit courses:

AMER2021 On the road again: Field trip in American Studies; AND
AMER2051 Extended essay in American Studies
Chinese History and Culture (CHC)
CHIN3221 Thematic study in Chinese history and culture (capstone experience)AND
another CHC advanced course

Chinese Language and Literature (CLL)
CHIN4101 Topical research in Chinese language and literature (capstone experience)AND
another CLL advanced course

ENGL3042 Extended essay in English studies (capstone experience); AND
another ENGL advanced course

EUST3004 European Studies research project (capstone experience)AND
another EUST advanced course

GCIN4001 Global creative industries research project (capstone experience); AND 
Any ONE of the following courses:

    GCIN2015 Entrepreneurship in creative industries;
    GCIN2016 Financing for creative industries;
    GCIN2026 Applied law to creative industries and laws: An introduction

Any TWO of the following courses:
    HIST4015 The theory and practice of history (capstone experience);
    HIST4023 History research project (capstone experience);
    HIST4028 History without borders: Special field project (capstone experience); 
    HIST4034 Oral history and ethnographic research methods (capstone experience);
    HIST4035 History applied: Internship in historical studies (capstone experience)

HKGS3001 Hong Kong Studies research project (capstone experience); AND 
Any ONE of the following courses:
    HKGS2001 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices;
    HKGS2002 Hong Kong identities in local, national and global contexts;
    HKGS2011 Hong Kong: Whose city is it?

JAPN4101 Japanese Studies research project: Capstone experience; AND
JAPN3029 Readings in Japanese Studies

Any TWO of the following courses to be taken in different semesters:
    KORE3032 Directed Readings in Korean Studies;
    KORE3035 Korean Studies field trip;                                                                                                                      KORE4008 Korean Studies independent research project (capstone experience);                                                            KORE4009 Korean Studies research seminar (capstone experience)

LCOM3006 Extended essay in Language and communication (capstone experience); AND
another LCOM advanced course 

Any TWO of the following courses:
    LING2061 Linguistic fieldwork;
    LING3002 Extended essay (capstone experience);
    LING3003 Linguistics field trip (capstone experience); 
    LING3005 Advanced topics in reading, language and cognition (capstone experience);
    LING3006 Laboratory linguistics: Practicum (capstone experience);
Seminar in psycholinguistics (capstone experience)

Any ONE of the following courses:
    MUSI3031 Special study (capstone experience);
    MUSI4003 Dissertation (capstone experience)
AND another MUSI 3000/4000-Level course

SINO2004 Research skills for China Studies; AND
SINO3001 China Studies research project (capstone experience)

CHIN2320 Long translation (capstone experience)AND
another Translation advanced course


All students enrolled in the URFP will be required to produce a research deliverable, e.g. dissertation, research paper, etc., with acknowledgement of funding, for assessment. 

Supervisory Arrangements

Students should take full responsibility to approach the supervisor assigned to him/her by the School concerned for advice and recommendations of the deliverable(s) after course enrollment.  

Responsibilities of Supervisors

A supervisor’s responsibilities include helping the student to define the topic of his/her research study; arranging regular meetings with the student at which all matters relating to the student’s research study can be discussed with the supervisor; and monitoring the student’s progress through to completion of his/her research study.


The fellowship will be recorded in the transcripts of students who have successfully completed the URFP.

Application Procedures and Timetable

Application is by invitation only. [Note: The application period is over.] Completed applications received by the application deadline will be considered by both the nominating Schools and the Associate Dean. Successful candidates will be notified by email by April 2023.