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Field Trips

Field trips can occur over one afternoon or last for several weeks. They provide students with exciting and engaging opportunities to put into use the knowledge acquired during their studies. During a field trip, students naturally combine work with pleasure as they engage in meaningful ways with every day realities through the lenses of their discipline. Many Arts courses have a rich tradition of organising field trips around the world, such as the U.S.A., Europe, Africa as well as Asian destinations. Some of the opportunities are listed below:

Centre of Buddhist Studies Field Trip

Dunhuang Experiential Learning Programme – Following the Footstep of Xuanzang

Location: Dunhuang

Length: 14 days

Period: early June to mid-June


School of Chinese Field Trips

Chinese Language and Culture Studio


Dunhuang and Lanzhou Cultural Exchange Programme

Locations: Lanzhou, Gansu

Length: 22 days

Period: June to July 

Lingnan Cultural Exchange Programme

Locations: Lingnan, Guangdong

Length: 7 days

Period: January

Qinghai & Tibet Cultural Exchange Programme

Locations: Qinghai, Tibet

Length: 10 - 12 days

Period: June 

The Silk Road

Locations: Gansu, Xinjiang

Length: 11 days

Period: March/July

School of Humanities Field Trips

Art History

Course code: FINE2102

Course name: The connecting sea: an introduction to Mediterranean archaeology

Location: Greece and Turkey

Length: 14 days

Period: May


History: East Asia Fieldtrip

Course code: HIST4031

Location: Malaysia

Length: 1 - 2 weeks

Period: March 

History: ​History Without Borders: Special Field Project 

Course code: HIST4028

Location: various, as agreed by the supervisor and the student

Length: as agreed by the supervisor and the student

Period:  as agreed by the supervisor and the student

Linguistics Field Trip

Description: The Linguistics Field Trip course introduces students to the art and science of collecting and analysing real-life language data.

Course code: LING3003

Locations so far: Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Denmark, Greece, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, and Ethiopia.

Length: 1 - 2 weeks

Periods: March, May


Link to documentary film on a past field trip:

School of Modern Languages & Cultures Field Trips

African Studies

Location: Ethiopia

Length: 9 days

Period: late May to early June


American Studies

Course code: AMER2021

Locations: Philadelphia, NYC

Length: 10 days

Period: early June


China Studies

Location: Heilongjiang

Length: 9 days

Period: late May to early June

European Studies

Course code: EUST2020

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Length: 2 weeks

Period: early July


Japanese Studies

Course code: JAPN2096

Locations: Tokyo, Sendai

Length: 6 days

Period: March

The above information is for reference only. For most updated details, please check with the relevant units directly.