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Professional Preparation Programme for Arts Students in 2nd Semester, 2023/24

About the Programme

The Professional Preparation Programme (PPP) is jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts and CEDARS-Careers and Placement.

PPP is an intensive result-based career programme. The main objectives of the PPP are:

  • to have a better transition from university to the workplace
  • to enhance their employability
  • to improve their overall competitiveness in the job market

Targeted Students

All Arts undergraduate students (with priority given to undergraduates in Year 3 and above)

Programme Schedule of Academic Year 2023-2024, Semester 2

Training Modules Date Time Delivery Mode



1. Life after HKU?

Mar 18, 2024 (Mon) 1:00pm-3:30pm Face to Face


Mar 14, 2024 (Thu)

 ** extended to 9:00am Mar 18, 2024

2. Smart ways to give your Presentations and Impromptu Talks

Mar 19, 2024 (Tue) 3:30pm-6:00pm Face to Face

3. LinkedIn Profile Writing: one way to build your personal branding

Mar 21, 2024 (Thu) 3:30pm-5:30pm Zoom

4. Ways to make your CV, Cover Letter stand out

Mar 25, 2024 (Mon) 1:30pm-3:30pm Face to Face


Mar 21, 2024 (Thu)

 ** extended to 9:00am Mar 25, 2024

5. What you need to ace your next Interview?

Mar 28, 2024 (Thu) 2:30pm-4:30pm Face to Face

** Students are free to choose any of the modules and do not have to register for all the sessions

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What did Students say from the modules last academic year?

  • “The trainer included mistakes that we should avoid when we write our CV and cover letter”
  • “The tips on how to write a good CV and Cover Letter are very clear and concise in a step-by-step manner”
  • “The trainer provided us with sample answers so that we can have a concept about what would be good answers, attitude or tones”
  • “Sharing on the statistics of Arts graduates”
  • “The trainer was able to give personalized advice to each of us. The interview questions were well thought out and interactive”
  • “There are many practices for us which help us understand and we can apply what we have learned in the module in real-time, with feedback at the end”

Module Descriptions

  1. Life after HKU? (2.5 hours)

HR, Teacher, MT, or start-up? There is no cookie-cutter answer here in HKU, only what is most suited towards your passion and value. So, come and brainstorm with us what could they be…

This module provides students with useful information for their career planning and building, an overview of career opportunities, and the essentials of career planning, building and job search preparation. Just recognize them earlier and accumulate what you need during your HKU-Life.

  1. Smart ways to give your Presentations and Impromptu Talks (2.5 hours)

    How do your tutors or supervisors evaluate your presentations? How to deliver a prepared or impromptu speech? 

    The module will focus on the structure of an individual presentation and provide tips to successfully compose and deliver an impromptu talk to help students present with impact. Instant verbal feedback will be given to students on their performance during the practice session.

  1. LinkedIn Profile Writing: one way to build your personal branding (2 hours)

Just copy from your CV? Join to learn the technique to optimize it, so that you can get ahead and be discovered by the HRs and professional fasters than others!

This module will help students identify the ways to build a LinkedIn Profile and learn how to establish personal brand. They will also gain in-depth knowledge on best practices and professional networking on LinkedIn.

  1. Ways to make your CV, Cover Letter stand out (2 hours)

Writing a CV or cover letter can be daunting when you start with a blank sheet. Let's change that by working through it together and help you ace internships, scholarships and competition opportunities.

The module aims to equip students with the techniques of writing impressive CV and cover letter in order to increase their competitiveness in their job application process.

  1. What you need to ace your next Interview? (2 hours)

"Tell me about yourself." Many people may seem to forget who they are the instant they are being asked this question. Do you want to know how to vibe with the interviewer and make you an irresistible hire? This module is for you.

This module aims to sharpen your interview skills, students will learn what to do before, during and after interviews, how to answer common interview questions, and ways to prepare for interviews.

Attendance Requirement and Policy

You are required to attend the registered module(s). You should therefore check your class schedule before registering.

If you cannot show up at any module you registered for due to urgent matters, you will need to send a brief email message with relevant proof to let us know why you cannot attend to show respect to the time and resources others spent on preparing for the workshop. The email can be sent to at least 3 working days prior to the module.

Important Notes

  • Registrants please check your email regularly for the different messages we will send to you regarding your registration.
  • If the number of students registered exceeds the quota being offered, priority will be given according to registrants’ “year of study” and “registration time”.
  • Students should ensure that they can attend the module(s) they have registered for.
  • Successful applicants will receive email notification from CEDARS within 3 working days after deadline.
  • A reminder email will be sent to successful registrants before each module. Stay tuned to our emails.
  • For each module, students will be required to

1. sign in the Zoom Meeting (with FULL NAME) OR sign on the attendance sheet (f2f)

2. complete the required feedback form(s) after each workshop.

These two will together form a complete attendance record. Please remember to do both.