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HKU Arts Internship & Career Preparation Activities

HKU Arts Internship provides internship opportunities to all Arts students across different disciplines. Student interns have the opportunities to apply skills and knowledge learnt in classroom at workplace. With the practical experience gained in the internships, students find themselves in a better position to choose the type of career to pursue.

Internship is integrated into some of the courses offered by various departments. Students are able to attain valuable work experience and credits at the same time. 



CEDARS is launching another virtual Japan Career Exploration Programme (June 9-16). This is the second cohort of the year. Eligible students can apply for the CEDARS Student Learning Activities Fund to cover the entire programme fee if successful. Please find the details here.

International Career Exploration Programme

CGCSS Virtual Japan Career Exploration Programme – Summer (June 9-16, 2021) 

Application Deadline on May 20, 2021