Message from the Dean

Many congratulations, Class of 2020. You have joined one of the most distinguished alumni in Hong Kong – the graduates of the Faculty of Arts of HKU.

You have all worked hard to reach this important milestone in your career and life, and it is time to enjoy your achievement. Your teachers, like your family, are proud of you. You have spent the first and formative years of your independent life with us, and I am sure you can all measure how much you have changed, in these short years, from the anxious and excited first-year students you were, not so long ago. 

University life, in the classroom, online, and beyond, is something you will always remember.  Your time at HKU offered you the opportunity to challenge yourselves intellectually, to make lifelong friends, to engage in experiences outside the classroom and abroad, ultimately to enable you to grow into productive, happy, and sophisticated world citizens.  We hope you reap the benefits of your time here at HKU for the rest of your lives.

I am sure you will give back in full measure to the family and community who helped you to get here. We hope you will come back often to the campus and visit us. Keep in touch through our alumni associations and remember that you are lifelong members of the HKU family. We will count on your continuing support in the years to come.

Congratulations and best wishes to you!

Professor Derek Collins
Faculty of Arts





大學生涯,課室內外的點點滴滴,將會成為你們一輩子的回憶。在港大渡過的時光,讓你們有機會在學術上挑戰自我,結交終生摰友, 而學校以外、以至香港以外的體驗,都有助你們成為能幹、積極、成熟的世界公民。但願在港大學到的一切,能夠令你們終生受用。

我相信你們必定會好好報答家人,回饋社會,報答他們助你們踏進大學之門。我們期望你們時常重回港大校園,透過校友會與母校保持聯繫。 你們永遠都是港大家庭的一分子,在往後的日子裏,毋忘繼續支持母校。




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