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Always in Our Hearts: Treasures of Professor Hsü Ti Shan Exhibition

9 April 2013

Professor Hsü Ti Shan, an eminent scholar from Yenching University, Peking, was appointed the professor of Chinese at the University in 1935, and served until his premature death in 1941. Despite his short term of six years, Professor Hsü was instrumental in shaping what would eventually become the School of Chinese. He was joined in this endeavour by Mr Ma Kiam, who lectured in Chinese history, and succeeded Professor Hsü when the University reopened after the war. Mr Ma's family has generously donated several of the exhibits that are on display for the first time, including manuscripts of Professor Hsü's writings. This exhibition commemorates the 120th Anniversary of Professor Hsü Ti Shan's birth and the 85th Anniversary of the School of Chinese. It is held with the support of the Faculty of Arts and the University of Hong Kong Libraries.

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