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Managing Sexual Harassment in the Campus

Department Equal Opportunity Adviser Post Email
Centre for Applied English Studies Ms. Laura Wakeland Lecturer wakeland@hku.hk 
Dr. Clarence Wang Lecturer wwfeng@hku.hk
Centre of Buddhist Studies Ven. Hin Hung Sik Director hinhung@hku.hk
Centre for the Study of Globalization and Cultures Prof. Gina Marchetti Director marchett@hku.hk
Faculty of Arts
School of Chinese Dr. Man Shun Yeung Assistant Professor msyeung@hku.hk
Dr. Nga Shan Ng Assistant Professor nsng@hku.hk
School of English Dr. Otto Heim Associate Professor oheim@hku.hk
Dr. Jessica Valdez Assistant Professor jvaldez@hku.hk 
School of Humanities Dr. Jose Neglia Assistant Professor jvneglia@hku.hk
Dr. Sze Wei Ang Assistant Professor angz@hku.hk
School of Modern Languages and Cultures Mr. Álvaro Acosta Corte Assistant Lecturer aacostac@hku.hk
Ms. Kangsoon Lee Senior Lecturer kangsoon@hku.hk