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Travel Writing (WR320/LI304)
June 8 - July 1 or 15, 2018

(A) Introduction

This Travel Writing course is part of the “Kasteel Well Summer Programs 2018” organized by Emerson College (U.S.A.), and is open to all HKU students, including those who have no prior background in the topic. It is particularly recommended by Dr. Page Richards (School of English, HKU), teacher of creative writing courses at HKU. 

This course invites you to write and revise short works of creative nonfiction (with room for other genres) inspired by your time in Europe, and to practice attentive journaling to make the most of your travels. We will take a broad view of travel writing with an emphasis on trying out diverse approaches and styles. The travel stories you develop from your journaling will be read and discussed by your peers and professor, offering you robust feedback to use in revision. By the end of the course you will have assembled a portfolio through which to consider how writers can explore their interests in ongoing ways, whether for personal curiosity or publication.

Kasteel Well (Well Castle) is a national historical castle in the Netherlands dating from the 14th century. The surrounding grounds offer opportunities for various outdoor sports. Well-located in southeastern Holland near the German border, it is approximately two hours from Amsterdam and Brussels and five hours from Paris by easily accessible mass transit.

As we discover the area around Kasteel Well, explore the city of Amsterdam, hike in the Dolomites Mountains of Italy, and visit a writers' residency/small press publisher in Belgium, you will read and write to unlock travel's ability to help us look both within and without. Sometimes you will write with yourself at the center, at others focusing on vivid depictions of the people and customs around you, and at still others by allowing your imagination to go where it will. Your writing will be complemented by readings and lectures providing examples of contemporary travel writing as well as literary and historical perspectives. These will help us consider what it means to write responsibly and accurately about places and cultures in which we are not "local" and may not speak a common language — a conversation to be enhanced and informed by the unique cross-cultural, cross-campus collaboration of our own class, bringing together students from Emerson with students from the University of Hong Kong. That partnership will allow us to not only learn about the places we visit together, but to also share our diverse cultural experiences of writing, education, and travel.

Please refer to the course description and leaflet for details.

(B) Application Procedures

  • Online application from January 8 to 31, 2018: goglobal.hku.hk/outgoing/s/arts2018tw
  • Applications are coordinated by the Faculty of Arts.
  • Applicants are required to submit a 500-word Personal Statement on why they would like to take this course to the system. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview in February 2018. The Arts Faculty Office will notify applicants of their results within 2 weeks after the interview. 

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